AdWords- Effective online business tool

Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to promote our business. Let\’s first look at what we can achieve by using AdWords. By using AdWords, you can increase the awareness of your physical store. As well as increase the number of visits from potential customers. You can target specific locations, so your ad appears only to people searching in your area or around it. And add your address, your phone number, and a map to your ads. Thereby, making it easier for users to locate and visit your business. With AdWords, you can increase phone calls to your business. You can display your phone number with your ad, making it easier for people to call you immediately. With mobile users being able to call you at the touch of a button.


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If you sell products online, you can use AdWords to increase sales. Display your ads to use exactly at the moment they\’re looking for a specific product and connect them directly to the page where they can purchase it. You can also track clicks on your ad that lead directly to orders on your site.

Hence, this way, you make it easier to measure and improve the return on investment. ROI of your ads. If you want the potential customers to fill out a contact form on your site, you can link your ad directly to that page. Thereby, making it more likely for a potential customer to fill it in. Your ad can also highlight professional assessments or a third-party review to give users more incentives to visit your site.

Although the process of creating an ad in AdWords is easy and needs only a small amount of money. It does not mean that any ads you create will be effective. When we say \’effective\’, we mean to increase our profits by getting more customers to purchase our product or service. Having someone clicking on our ad and getting them to continue to our online store page is not enough. What we are interested in is how we can convince users to buy from our online store. For instance, make a reservation in our hotel, or choose our hotel for the seminar they\’re organizing.

In other words, to get more sales and profit. That is why we hear many people complaining that Google Ads does not bring sales for their business. It is a mistaken belief, that simply creating an ad is enough to guarantee us customers and sales. The truth is that creating an ad is only the first step.  The question is not simply for someone to click on our ad and visit our site. What really matters is those people who click and continue to browse our site, then return multiple times or make a purchase at least once. If you do a Google search, the first search results you will see will be some ads with links. These links are sponsor content ads and are separate and different from the organic results that Google displays below them.

Within the red frame are ads from Google AdWords. As shown in the image, the ads stand out from the organic results on the icon that are next to them.


There are companies who claim that if you advertise on Google, you will climb higher in the organic search results. This is simply not true. If someone tells you this, they either have no idea what they\’re talking about, or they are trying to trick you. According to Google,  56 percent of people consulted Google before proceeding to purchase, either from an electronic or physical store. For some businesses, such as hotels and tourism or electronic devices, this percentage is closer to 82 percent.

Using Google AdWords, allows you to advertise in two different ways. The first is the Search Network. This is, in fact, Google itself, and also includes some other search engines. These ads are like the ones we have already shown above. For example, if we\’re selling brown shoes, our ad will show in Google results when someone searches for brown shoes. The second way is the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network consists of three parts. 

One part is different services belonging to Google. For example, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. A second part is a number of other sites that partner with Google. These sites incorporate a Google code on their pages to allow advertisers to place ads on their sites. Through that code, which displays ads, advertisers can select where they want their ad to show within the selected third-party sites Google is partnered with. The third part includes mobile applications that also show ads, such as apps and mobile search listings.

Let us assume that we\’re selling brown shoes and that we want to advertise to people searching for this keyword. Let us also assume that you\’re willing to pay up to 20 cents for each click on your advertisement. After you create the ad, Google determines whether it is displayed by using a fairly complex formula. This formula will take into account not only how much money a company is willing to pay for a click and how much its competitors pay. But also the quality of the ad. It is, in other words, a continuous auction.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the winner of the auctions the one who spends the most. The winner is the one who has the best combination of ad quality ad bid per click with the price of the ad. When you are using AdWords Search Network, you are only charged when someone clicks on our ad.

As already explained, the cost of advertising through AdWords Search Network is determined by two factors. One is competition, i.e., how many competitors for that specific keyword are willing to pay for a click on their ad. The second factor is the quality of our ad. This means that if all our competitors are willing to spend up to 15 cents for each click, that is made on their ads and the quality of the ad is the same as ours. Then we also have to spend at least 15 cents per click. Making the calculations we can see that for every 100 visits to our site, through the AdWords advertising platform, we pay 15 euros.

Who these visitors will be and if they ultimately purchase the product or service you sell is determined largely by how good our advertising strategy is. The higher an ad appears on Google, the more clicks it will receive. Some years ago, the position of an ad on the results page was determined solely on how much an advertiser was willing to pay per click. However, it was quickly proved that this method had two significant problems. If the advertisement was not interesting, it came up. But people would not click on it, as the ad was not appealing enough to the user. This was a problem for search engines because no clicks would mean no profit for both the advertiser and the search engine itself. At the same time, it was also a problem for the average user to search for something specific.

The reason being that, while they did a search for brown shoes,  they would also see an advertisement for women\’s shoes or for hotels in Paris, rather than seeing an ad that was relevant to their search. The user would end up seeing a completely irrelevant ad. Google has therefore decided to address the problem of ad relevance. In order to solve this, Google incorporated the following criteria in its algorithm. The algorithm is the calculation Google uses to determine which ads will be shown and where. The percentage of clicks per 100 impressions of an ad, Click Through Rate (CTR).

How relevant an ad is with regard to what the user is searching for (relevance). And how relevant the advertisement is to the site that the user visits when she clicks on the ad. These three criteria (CTR, relevance, landing page experience) in this formula are used to determine the cost of an ad. They are called the Quality Index or Quality Score. Therefore, where your ad shows on Google\’s results page, in relation to other ads, will depend not only on our cost per click (CPC bid), i.e., how much you are willing to pay per click but also on the Quality Score.

Ad Rank = CPC + Quality Score.

This means that not only do we need to pay a lot of money to rank high on the search results. We must also create good quality ads. The Quality Score calculated from 1 to 10 is the score for each keyword for which you want your ads to show. So, to see it, you must go to your AdWords account and place the mouse cursor over a keyword. The closer to 10 our Quality Score is, the more Google believes that our advertising. And, of course, the page that the customer will be transferred to when the ad is clicked, is sending the user to the correct page that they\’re looking for.