App Development: Say No To Coding

Hi, guys today I will tell you the platforms to create your first app and that too without any coding knowledge or without using android studio. The best part about creating this app is this is absolutely free.


So we will use app builders so that there will be no coding required for making an app.

We will not code because we are going to use app builders.

Okay so, first of all, I will tell you something about app builders. So the most popular app builders are very expensive. I will show you some examples later in this blog. Now there are also some free app builders but the problem with them is they are limited in functionality which means it is hard to customize them. It is hard to create the application you want because they are limited in functionality but do not worry because I will tell you the best app builder which I use personally and it is absolutely free and if you want to upgrade that you can even do that in a very cheap price. Also, it has very good functionality

So now let us see some examples of application builders

I tried many application builders and this is what I found

Appypie App Builder

So first we will talk about Appypie. So Appypie is an app builder and they have a various plans and pricing.

They also have a free plan where you do not need to pay anything and also no credit card details or debit card details required it is absolutely free. But there is a drawback in that free plan and that drawback is you cannot publish your app in Google Play Store. So that sucks you cannot publish your app on Google Play Store But they also have a basic plan which will cost you something about 15$ per month but 15$ per month is the price per app it means if you want to make 1 application it will cost you 15$ but if you want to make 10 apps you have to pay 15 times 10 which means it will cost you 150$.

So I found that very expensive and also you can distribute your application to only Google Play Store you cannot distribute it to Apple app store or windows and blackberry or anywhere else. For that, you need to buy their gold or platinum plan which will cost you around $30 per month for gold and 50$ per month for platinum. So I found it expensive.

You can go and check all the details of the plan and pricing by clicking this link

Buildfire App Builder

So our next app builder is buildfire. So they cost 53$ per month for their premium plan which is I think the cheapest plan they offer and now the next they have their professional plan for that they cost about 134$ per month which I found very expensive and their premium plan have only 20000 downloads so, for example, you have an app and your app become very popular and there are 50k downloads then you have to upgrade to their professional plan because this is only 20k downloads So it is very expensive

You can see the details of all the plans and price of Buildfire by clicking here


So our next app builder is a good barber. Here is good barber, you can get a free 30-day trial here also you do not require any credit card or debit card So the price of good barber is 32 euros per month there is an Android standard plan which cost u 32 euros per month if you pay the yearly bill there is no option for a monthly bill payment you have to pay 384 euros for a whole year. So it is very expensive actually I have searched many app builders and this is the trend I found out that they are very expensive or if they are not expensive they are very limited in their functionality.

You can see the details of all the plans and price of Good barber by clicking here


So the next is Andromo. In Andromo you have a free trial but you can create one app only and you cannot turn off the ads and you can share this app as a free app on Google play store and you cannot enable monetization features.

There is also a starter plan which will cost you 8$ per month and this is also billed annually so there is also no option for monthly payment so you have to pay 96$ per year, and in this 8$ per month, you can create just 50 apps only so I find this too expensive.

You can see the details of all the plans and price of Andromo by clicking here

Mobincube App Builder

Now we are here and this is what we are waiting for from last 5-10 minutes.

Now we are going to talk about Mobincube. So now I will tell you why I like Mobincube so much

I will tell you about the pricing plans so the very first plan is free plan.

So in this free plan you can create unlimited apps, you can create as many apps you want.

The second best part about this free plan is there is unlimited space which means suppose you have 50 apps and all the 50 apps are of 20 megabytes then you will require 1000 megabytes space and you have unlimited space you can make as many apps you want and use as much space you want.

You also have 500,000 push notifications available to send to your apps.

Publish your app on Google Play Store

SO now if you ask can I publish my app on Google play store so the answer is yes I have so many app published on Google play store which is made by mobincube.

Now the best part is you can also make money from mobincube, with this free starter plan you can monetize this

So now let us talk about the disadvantage of this free plan. Personally I don’t feel this as a bigger disadvantage but you also have option for that disadvantage.

So the disadvantage is there is an ad of mobincube flashing on your app for less than 1sec when you or somebody open your app and you cannot remove it and if you want to remove you have to purchase their standard plan which will cost you 9.99 US$ per month but if you don’t mind that flashing of logo then this free plan is for you.

You can see the details of all the plans and price of mobincube by clicking here.