Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

In this blog we will learn about artificial intelligence and also machine learning.


You probably know that for the last couple of years,

Machine learning has become a core important technology for many products.

In addition, those ML algorithms are everywhere…

There are countless growing amounts of practical applications of machine learning already applied in many places.

There are big players in the market, you know like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and many others. They are investing a huge amount of funding on ongoing. AI research initiatives while trying to lead the market with new practical use cases.

Also many respectable high educational organizations have some flavor of AI educational and research programs.

Moreover, there are hundreds of new startup companies that the core product or service is based on AI as a market differentiator.

Most of the large enterprise companies like for example telecom operators are building dedicated AI teams. It is to better utilize their growing amount of collected data. As part of the digital strategy of many large organizations,

AI is becoming a top priority direction. Just check by yourself, how many data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI researchers, software engineers, product managers are needed right now in this area.

The market demand for Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The market demand for skilled people is growing rapidly correlated of course to the amount of money being invested today by the industry.

I don\’t know if you heard about it before but some countries like China, U.S., Russia China and others already developed a dedicated strategy for AI. Those countries identified AI as a major technology in the upcoming future.

Sounds a little bit scary, but I just wanted to emphasize that unlike other technologies AI is perceived differently by the business industry as well as by governments.

There will be a national level race on AI between countries.

Which country will lead that technology 10, 15 years from now. Leveraging the economical and maybe also the military potential of AI.

This introduction it just to let you know that AI is coming big time. And I think each one of us should have some level of understanding about this important topic.

I would like to share with you some insights I gained while diving into the subject of AI.

When I started my personal journey while exploring this subject. I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and skills. That are needed to understand some of the basic fundamental things about AI and ML.

However, it is easy to get lost.

Many educational sources that are available on the Internet or while using books are quickly jumping into complex math and statistical calculation. It will reduce the motivation to learn this subject and some people will probably say this is for PhD graduate students.

It\’s too complex to understand. On the other side of the spectrum, some of those educational sources are focusing on practical implementations, meaning examples using some programming language like Python or any other development framework.

My assumption is that a large portion of students that are going to join this training would like to understand the concept of AI without really going into the practical side and without trying to read some heavy statistical books.

Another challenge is the number of buzzwords we will hear about AI.

However, for me it was a challenge to understand how things are connected to each other. So I can better understand the big picture and the relation between sub-topics before diving into a specific topic.

As an outsider or beginner trying to understand the evolving AI world. It may look like magic tricks performed by fast computers. Programmed by really smart people.

We entered some data into some machine learning black box. And somehow we can get amazing output on the other side.

What\’s going inside that box is a mystery. So my main objective in this level, level one is to make the AI subject more accessible, easier to digest.

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