Artificial Intelligence Is The Future

Let us see how Artificial Intelligence Is The Future


Let me ask you something,

what is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say AI – Artificial Intelligence because it is our future

It is an interesting exercise.

Think about it for a second. Is that thought located more on the positive or negative spectrum when talking about AI? I\’m sure you have seen or at least heard about the TV show \”Game of Thrones\”. Where some of the famous phrases saying \”winter is coming\” as a warning message that the hard cold winter season is going to heat their lands and make their life harder.

If we analog this phrase to artificial intelligence saying \”AI is Coming\”, some people will immediately picture in their minds the famous Terminator movie series, where \”Skynet\” meaning the artificial intelligence entity created by humans is taking over the world while developing self-awareness and super-smart killer robots are coming in all directions.

OK it\’s funny and scary at the same time. Those people are really considering A.I. to be a future danger to all humankind\’s.

In other cases, AI as a technology is perceived as a real risk to take over many human jobs and increase the overall world\’s unemployment rate because automation is a core use case of AI.

Think about an AI doctor that is performing basic medical diagnostics replacing in some cases a real doctor. Or in other cases will be self-driving public buses that are walking without human drivers.

Some jobs are going to be automated and AI is going to be used for making such automation.

On the other side of the spectrum, moving to the positive side. AI is perceived as a better way to handle many challenging and complex tasks and overall help to make progress in multiple domains.

For example, AI can be used to quickly develop new important medicine or to improve road safety by enabling self-driving cars.

It is used to improve the interface between humans and all kinds of electronic devices.

There are hundreds of AI applications that already power many types of products and services we are using today.

To be honest, we can\’t predict the future but we have a responsibility to shape it. AI will have a positive as well as a negative impact on society like many other technologies that are already out there.

But one thing for sure is that AI is coming and it is coming very fast.

The industry embraced the power of such technology and we are just scratching the surface with the potential use cases of AI. Maybe you will be the next AI entrepreneur while creating some amazing new products powered by AI.

Just remember to send me 5% of your total revenue, just kidding 10% will be fine 😉

OK so we know that AI is coming and the big waves are just around the corner.

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