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God: Divine power- Always Believe in God

God always help those who have faith in themselves, who believe in Divine power. No matter what the situation is just always believe in God. This doesn’t mean leave everything on God. Prepare, Fight, Progress, Fail, Learn, Improve and Ultimately Succeed. Nothing can happen unless you give it a try. But this doesn’t mean you think yourself as the creator. You must remember that there is some divine soul looking over us. We are punished for our evil deeds and praised for the virtuous ones. We are complemented with victories and failures are our overconfidence consequence.

God: Divine power- Always Believe in God

Power of Eternity

God has the power of eternity. Everything is mortal in this world except the Almighty. Time is passing by and things changes with time, it deteriorate with time, it demolishes and comes to end. Every person who is living in this world will die one day. The scientist, The engineers, The doctors, everyone who give life to a new being whether a living or a non-living will die. There is a saying in Sanskrit, “Ahama Brahmasi” which means ‘Mein hi brahama hun’, ‘I am the creator’, which many people after creating intelligent people or robots thinks but it’s not true. Time will take you away one day. Only thing which is eternal on this earth is air, water, sunlight and other natural things.

So always remember that time is predominant. Get things done on time because time will never stop for you until you die. Your soul is eternal not your life, your body.

Atheist: Who thinks there is no God

I wonder who created this planet? Who created trees, plants? Who created oceans, seas, rivers? Also, who created seasons? Who created sunlight? Who created land? I wonder many more such things. I want to ask all these questions to all the atheists, if there is no divine power then who created everything around us. Moreover, who created us? If you feel saints have written all these holy books and there is no relation with the real world. Read them once, you will get every answer in it. There is no such question which a holy book can’t answer. I don’t want to classify different religions here. I must say everyone is equal so as every religion. Our language can’t separate god. The power is same.

I must say that something really bad has happened with you that makes you feel that if god exist then why don’t he heals everything. I must say I too feel the same many a times. But if god never gives you problems to face, what is the chance of learning? Every problem haves a solution and every problem will make you learn a lesson. A lesson to remember forever and not repeat the mistake. If you will still do the same, god will punish you again for it. This makes you disbelief in him. But until you will learn the lesson the problem arises again.

Life and Death

If god has taken away someone’s life who was precious to you. It is not your punishment. We are mortal. Everyone will die one day, some early some late. Karma decides your death. You will say he was nice person then why so early. God send that angel to glorify lives of many and when this work ends he take him away back. Never feel like god is only doing bad to you. It all depends on what you to others. Everything you do comes back to you in one or other form. Always do good jobs to find happiness in your own life.

Precious Life Given by God

God has given us this life to make it a fruitful one. Invest time for remembering him, thanking him for this life. Be kind with others. Respect your elders. Help others. Make someone happy each day. Have positive energy. Feel every breath. With every second passing by, our life span is decreasing. So invest your life not to be a creator but a harvester. Harvest your field and give fruit. God has made us human being to dedicate our life to do every possible thing to help the needy. Show some grace. Be a right person. Enjoy and respect your precious life. Your soul contains that eternal power, almighty God. So, never speak garbage, never eat garbage as it disrespect god. You must always remember god lies within you so that you will never do a bad thing.


God is omnipresent. I must say he not only exist in religious places but at every place even in us. Have faith in him. Invest your worthy life to give fruit to others. Thank god who gave you this life. Respect time. Immortal power always watches this mortal world.

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