Books for free: Where I can read books other than the library?

Looking for next great books to completely get involved into? You are at the right place to read books for free.


As in this fast pacing world, we have no time to sit aside and read books. Here is the solution. In this digital world, you can even read books online without spending a single penny. The internet is all collection of good e-books which you can download and read at your comfort.

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Here\’s a list of 11 places where you can get free e-books and save money (yes, free e-books!).

1. Google eBookstore

On Google eBook store, in the free section you can find a lot of books. There are from variety of genres. You can even sort them with bestsellers, old classics and more. Moreover, books are available in different formats for your ease. You can even check the ratings and review for further preferences.

2.   Project Gutenberg

They have a collection of 45,000+ free e-books. This is an approach to avail e-books online for people who actually want to read. Nothing like registration or enrolling fee is required for it. These books are in various formats such as ePub, Kindle, HTML, and other simpler texts.

3. Open Library

The open library is a free platform with over one million free e-books available on it. This library is having a catalogue to even contribute books and serve other people with it. It is of great ease to use as you can search any book with its title, author, and subject.

4.   Internet Archive

If you to get your bring printed. You are at the right place to download it. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library where you can access historical and academic books. It is a great go-to for it.

5. Book Boon

Crawling everywhere for educational textbook or a book for business purpose? Book Boon is for what you are looking for. This site offers free e-books which are user-friendly to navigate and the best part you didn’t even have to register for it. There are more than 1000 e-books for free on it.


With comforting on your fingertips here is 29000 free e-books that will bound you to read and re-read. You have many facilities such as authors, reviews, titles, languages and many more categories to browse with. These books are compatible with many devices such as kindle, iPads and others.

7. Free eBooks

From mystery to history and romance to drama, this website is a great source for reading books online. You can even read reviews and ratings of each book for a better selection. If you searching books in various genres you must check this site for vivid variety of books.

8. LibriVox

Want to hear the book rather to read? Here is the solution to listen to audiobooks available at LibriVox. There are thousands of book including classics and out-of-print books.

9. PDF Books World

We must thank the public domain which is facilitating with the PDF versions of all the books you want. It is the world’s biggest digital library. You can download them for your leisure times of literature, plays, poetry, and non-fiction tails.

10. Feedbooks

Feedbooks are similar to that of PDF books. Here you have to sign up and create an account for acknowledging the books and download them. Since, they are also of public domain hence; all the books are free of cost. Just remember that when you are on this site, ping to public domain to avoid the collection of premium books which you can purchase by paying its cost.

11. International Digital Children\’s Library

If you are looking for books that will engage your children in some good cause you must check International Digital Children\’s Library. You can get a range of books here according to the reading levels and its length. Here is a collection of all award winning books with a wide selection of different languages.

I hope you enjoyed this session where you got answer to read books for free.

Happy reading!