Clothing: Hacks to re-design your clothes

The most promising words we girls speak are “I don’t have anything to wear”. The simplest way to solve this problem is reusing your old clothes. Since, no one wants to repeat their clothes after one or two weeks. It’s better to turn our used clothes into stylish new outfits by following some easy clothing hacks. Let’s see some such hacks!


Take out your scissors

You are tensed with your loose big t-shirt that looks so nasty on you? Here is the solution! Make a straight line on midsection of your t-shirt and cut. You can reuse it as a shrug to wear which you can pair with any shirt or other outfit you like.

Buy a good quality broad belt

You can revamp your dress into really different manner by just adding a broad belt to it. This will not only make you look sexy but re-purpose your outfit. You can do the same with your shirts.

Tried your clothes backwards?

Feeling amazed to listen so? Give it a try. Turning your button-down shirts backward and tying a knot. Here, is a new backless top ready. You can also button it up from up or down as you wish. Don’t feel wired, be confident to slay.

Go with blending solid colors

Align your simple dress with bold solid color t-shirt and your Instagram post is ready without filters. Pair it with a head accessory, any hat or floral hair band. Pick your sunglasses, wear your sneakers. You are ready to go.

Flaunt your belly

The easiest way to look flawless in your boring outfits is a knot. Tie a knot in any ways you want and style. It can be a shirt, t-shirt or a top just flaunt your curve.

Match-mixing with your clothing

Graphic tee is always picked for every casual. So you can pair them in any type of your pants such as coot-cut pants or cigarette pants. Wear your boots along with it and you are ready for outing. Let your hair wave bright and you look gorgeous there.

New way of wearing scarves

Accessory plays an important role to slay your outfit. So instead of tying a scarf around your neck, belt it with a slim belt on your dresses, long kurtas. You will be amazed by this beautiful revamping.

Look hot with bralettes

To be with the vogue is vital. So don’t hesitate to show your body. Just inhale some attitude and flaunt your bralettes. Wear them as your crop top or under an open shirt or shrug and look tempting. Just raise the temperature and feel wild wherever you go.

Denim always works well in clothing

I must say, every mood goes well in denim. When you are confused just match it up with denim. Denim is something eternal. It never goes out of fashion. A small hack to never feel out-dated. Wear shirt, shorts, skirts, jeans or dungarees, everything in your closet goes with it.

Indic- Fusion clothing

A new trend of maxi dresses might be heard by you. It can be expensive to buy maxi dresses for every occasion. Here is a solution. Just wear your old anarkali suits without chooridars. What you see? A new maxi dress is ready! You can also wear your long kurtas like this too. Wear your sneakers for a cooler look.

So all you exquisite ladies, just rejuvenate your wardrobe with these new outfits without spending any bugs! Restyle yourself and go with the new trend.

Happy reading!