CRM- Customer Relationship Management

Today we\’re going to share with you specific tools, strategies, and techniques that will make an amazing difference in your ability to sell. An amazing way to have Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


We want you to be able to get out there and double, triple, quadruple, even what we call \”10X,\” Make ten times as much from your sales by using these new tools, strategies and techniques.

\”10 X\” means you take the number of sales, Say you\’re making three lakhs a year … and suddenly three lakh becomes 30 lakh.

Why? Because you\’ve gained new skills, new mastery. Let\’s jump right in and get you started.

I like to read a book. Why?

Because I want to bring you the latest tools and strategies from the experts. People that you normally couldn\’t get in front of. So, that would charge you up to ten thousand rupees an hour just to sit in the room with them.

And I want to condense this learning. So instead of taking days, weeks, months or years to accumulate this knowledge, I want you to be able to do it in just a matter of a short time.

But just because I simplify it for you, I don\’t want you to think that \”oh, this technique is too simple.\” You need to learn it. You need to master it. And these \”simple techniques\” will become amazingly powerful!

They\’re simple in their theory. They\’re very complex in how you need to apply them. Discuss more on that later.

So today we\’re going to share with you tools that are amazingly powerful.

Here\’s how valuable they are. Just so you don\’t undervalue it.

Some big companies used to charge ten thousand Rupees a day … sometimes twelve thousand a day … depending upon the package you got … just to train people in a handful of these techniques.

They would literally have them fly to us. They wouldn\’t even go to them. Also, even they had to fly in. Be transported to their offices. They would train them in specific techniques. Take them about six to eight hours. Then they will take them out for a nice meal ,send them off to the airport, and off they go. And so that cost them ten thousand rupees. Just to learn a fraction of what you\’re going to learn here today.

These techniques aren\’t just techniques that we use and have had some success with.

Like I said earlier, these are techniques from the best of the Masters. People that you couldn\’t even afford to get in the same room with. And they\’re based on scientific research. Studies that have been done.

These tools, strategies and techniques have been checked out. Either through research … or through people with great mastery, great personal and professional experience.

People that are there making millions of Rupees per year.

I also want you to understand that these techniques never failed to work … but many people fail to work them. You haven\’t developed the mastery. Or you\’re just not using the techniques. Or you\’re not using the techniques properly, or in the right sequence. So it\’s not a question of whether or not these techniques are amazingly powerful. It\’s not a question of whether or not they work.

The question is will you work them? And will you practice with them enough to gain true mastery? To earn several million rupees a year.

You need to gain mastery. Go over this blog series as many times as you need to to gain mastery. Try these techniques out in the field. Then come back check yourself. Ask yourself: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? What did I do good? How do I make it great? How do I keep improving? Much like a martial artist. You want to keep practicing the techniques. Developing mastery. Not that you\’re changing techniques, but you\’re doing the same technique over and over again until it\’s reflexive, powerful and highly effective.

I\’m going to tell you again … these tools are amazingly powerful! 

I work with people doing hundreds of millions of rupees in sales per year. My goal for you, is that you become one of them.

Now occasionally, a technique you see here may seem simple. We talked a little bit about this earlier. I can tell you it\’s not. It may be simple in concept, but it takes sophisticated mastery to make it work like the master salesmen who are making millions of rupees per year. So the question isn\’t whether or not the tools work. These tools always work. But are YOU smart enough and dedicated enough to develop mastery around them.

See a fool will think a technique is simple and they\’ll go \”Yeah, yeah, yeah … I\’ve got it!\” What they\’re doing why they\’re going \”Yeah, yeah, yeah … I\’ve got it\” is they\’re avoiding Mastery. They\’re not thinking about it. Also they\’re not understanding it. They\’re not saying to themselves \”How can I use this in an actual selling situation? How can I make it work?\”

It could be a simple thing like the tone, the inflection, the look I give to people, the sequencing, the pacing.

So even a technique that looks simple … has to be done masterfully.

Think of it like Martial Arts. Any fool can flip their leg out or flicked their hand out and call it a punch or kick. But the difference between them because they are throwing punches and they are throwing kicks and a true master throwing a punch or a kick is the level of skill in which they do it. Not the level of sophistication necessarily, but the level of skill. They\’re developing true mastery. And how do they do that?

They do it over, and over, and over again. Fine tuning it each and every time until it works.

You wouldn\’t throw out a radio because you pulled it out of the box and it came in with a bunch of noise and static. You would simply tune it. A fool would say this doesn\’t work and they throw the radio out.

That\’s what people do most of the time. They blame the writer for not working.

Why? Because they didn\’t fine tune the techniques.

However, that\’s the difference between somebody who has mastery and a fool who pretty much just needs to get out of the field.

Now this concept is absolutely crucial. This is what separates the real salespeople from the people that aren\’t really selling.

This is the people that make millions of rupees a year versus the people that make a few thousand rupees per year. Moreover, Real salespeople can get inside the minds of their customers.

They\’re tracking the entire sale through their powers of observation, their knowledge base and their sense of empathy with the customer.

They\’re literally living the customer\’s experience of the sale as they go through the sale.

This is why they have such great control when you know exactly what\’s going on for the customer, you understand their thinking, you understand their psychology, you understand why they do the things they do, and where they are in the process, when you need to give them a little push when you need to give them a little bit of space as you understand these things.

The sale will go much smoother. It\’s what creates true mastery. Because knowing a few sales techniques will make you a few sales. And that\’s about it.

But understanding the psychology of selling, why people buy, why they do the things they do. Being able to track the sale as it goes through the mind of the customer. To give them a very consistent experience and to lead them gently along the path to the natural conclusion of a sale. That will make you rich! So as you\’re going through this Blog series, don\’t just look at the technique, you do this, then this, then this.

And boom a sale! That is a very crude way of looking at it.

You need to think first you do this, then this is what\’s going to happen in the mind of the customer then you do step 2, and here\’s the next thing that happens in the mind of the customer, and here\’s how they\’re thinking about it, then Step 3 Go ahead and close the sale.

Here\’s what\’s going through the mind of the customer and here\’s why they buy. And any objections that you see along the way, you will then be able to handle or avoid in the first place.

We\’re actually going to give you that level of skill. But as you\’re going through this blog and you\’re looking at each tool strategy technique you would be thinking about not only what do I need to do but why does it work, and what is going through the mind of the customer.

If you do that, you will gain true mastery while reading this blog.

Now, quick warning. These techniques are extremely powerful!

I don\’t want you to use these to sell people rubbish. What we used to call in the business selling people \”a box of rocks\” is basically something that\’s worthless to them.

If you\’re that type of predatory salesperson, you probably need to move on.

This Blog series is about integrity in sales. It\’s about connecting with the customer. It\’s about developing a relationship. Also, it\’s about not just making one quick sale, by cheating and manipulating people. No! It\’s about helping the customer, developing the relationship, so they come back to you and they buy again, and again, and again. That\’s how these techniques are going to work.

That\’s why I know that these techniques will not be abused! In addition, here\’s your next warning.

You need to learn these skills as if your life actually depends upon it.

Why? Simple! Because it does!

You\’re going to spend hundreds of hours, literally thousands of hours, about two thousand hours or more per year working with your customers, trying to make these sales.

I don\’t want you to just try. I also want you to succeed. And I want you to succeed at higher and higher levels. Year after year, after year.Every year you should be selling more.

These tools, strategies and techniques that you\’re going to learn here can be a quantum leap. I want you to make millions of rupees per year. At least hundreds of thousands of rupees per year so that you can have the type of lifestyle that you need.

You\’re gonna do one of two things in life you\’re going to spend hundreds and thousands of hours failing over and over and over again … or you\’re going to spend a few dozen hours learning, and drilling and getting really good at the specific tools, strategies and techniques that we\’re teaching here.

If you do that your life will literally be transformed! But, you have to do the work!

Now I want you to know that these selling tools have been scientifically proven, both through research and in the field. We know that they\’re practical. We know that they work.

So now if they\’re not working for you, I need you to look in the mirror, and see the real problem. These tools work.

If they\’re not working for you, in some way shape or form you\’re causing them not to work.

It\’s OK. Go back check yourself practice  go back through the blog… re-evaluate jump back in and get them working. And you will be massively successful.

Now, I\’m gonna be using two terms interchangeably … sales, selling and persuasion. So sales and selling are approximately the same thing, right?

And persuasion. What is sales or selling?

It\’s a form of persuasion. It\’s a form of influence.

So I use these terms interchangeably, because they\’re the exact same thing.

However, we\’re always selling people on things. Sometimes it\’s a product. Sometimes it\’s a service. And sometimes it\’s an idea. That\’s where sales and selling become persuasion or influence.

So don\’t be confused when I interchange those. So one definition of selling is 

\”Selling is the ability to help your customer prosper with your products and or your services.\”

Notice that the customer is prospering. Customers don\’t want to buy because you\’ve convinced them to buy. They want to buy because it has true and real benefits for them.

You are helping the customer make money, save money or avoid problems, hassles. Therefore your product is very valuable.

Your service is very valuable, and they will use these things over and over and over again.

That\’s why it\’s so important to sell a product, to sell a service, that actually works. Don\’t sell that box of rocks that does nothing, that\’s unethical.

Get yourself a good product, a good service. And then share with the customer how many different ways you can benefit them.

So your first tip is if you can save them time, money, or hassles, which are basically problems. They will absolutely positively love you!

If I were on stage and I say \”How many people want to save time?\”

Virtually every hand in the room would go up! If I said, \”How many people want to save money?\” Virtually every hand in the room would go up. Every intelligent hand, Right?

If I said, \”How many people want to get rid of hassles, they just want to have their problems disappear, raise your hand.\” ALL the hands in the room would go up.

These are the three things that people will absolutely love you for. So as you\’re doing your presentation, be thinking about how can I serve the customer? How can I help them prosper by saving them time, money or hassles? Now, Persuasion. Selling is the ability to help others see things in a new way … so they can make better decisions and changes.

And why are they making these better decisions and changes? To profit more, to make more money, to save more time, to get rid of those problems.

I sold people on the idea of getting better as a therapist for years … and people thanked me for it. Why? They were doing things one way and getting a certain result.

In this case it was very negative. And then I taught them a new way to do things. It was very positive, and they got very positive results and … their life was transformed. This is what we can do through selling our product, or our services.

We can transform people\’s lives and their businesses. Help them be more productive, more profitable and avoid a boatload of problems.

When you do this people will be thrilled to buy from you. There won\’t be all this selling resistance. Why? Because you\’re going out there with a mindset that your only goal is to help them do better in business and in life. To have things go better for them to make sure that the customer comes out ahead.

A lousy salesman looks like they\’re just trying to shove a product and service in front of you and fool you into buying it.

Consultative sales are where you go out there you find what challenges people are having in their business, you help them solve it with your product or service, you somehow make their business better in some way shape or form. And then their business becomes more profitable. They will love you for that, they will thank you for that, and they will buy from you again and again and again!

Now, here\’s the key foundation of selling. It\’s all about helping the customer. How are you helping them?

You\’re simply helping the customer come to the conclusion that they will benefit from your product or your service.

That should be a relatively simple sale. And a simple way to think about selling. Find out what the customer needs and figure out how your product or service can benefit them. How it\’s a perfect match. How it\’s going to help them come out ahead. See customers aren\’t interested in you making a sale, or you making money. They want to make money, they want to profit, or have a problem solved. So simply go down through the benefits and let them know how it matches up with their business, that they can benefit.

Always put the customer first and the customer will love you for it. This is the foundation of all selling. So as you go through this blog, as you\’re looking at the techniques, Always be thinking \”How can I benefit the customer?\” \”How is the customer going to come out ahead?\” The customer is completely and utterly selfish. They\’re only worried about \”What can this do for me? How can this help me?\” That\’s the ONLY thing a customer ever wants to hear. We\’ll talk more about that later. But keep that as your foundation.

You\’ve come to them in a good, kind, loving way to help them and to benefit them. That everybody loves. People hate to be sold, but they love to be helped. More on that later. So remember this key point throughout this entire blog reading.

This is one of the most important things you\’re ever going to learn. It\’s a core concept.

Make sure you have this nailed down. 70 to 80 percent of why your customers buy from you, and keep buying from you, is that they know you, like you and trust you. I\’ll repeat that again. Finally, they know you, like you and trust you.

In conclusion, if you can make those three things happen, you\’ve already succeeded. You are 70 to 80 percent of the way there. But if the customer feels like they don\’t know you, they don\’t like you and they don\’t trust you. I can guarantee you virtually 100 percent of the time … they\’re not going to buy from you. That\’s how important this is. That\’s how powerful this is. You have to nail down this area.

To be continued……

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