Customer relationship management system

The next concept is because people have to know you like you and trust you, all persuasion, all influence, all sales start with you! so, here is another blog on the Customer relationship management system. You can read our previous blog- CRM- Customer Relationship Management


So you have to ask yourself a question.

\”How do I present myself?\” \”Am I presenting myself properly?\” \”Am I presenting myself in the way I want to be presented?\” \”Or Am I presenting myself in such a way that it will create a sale?\”

You have to go through and ask yourself all these questions.


So let\’s dig into this area a little bit more and find out what are the best ways to present yourself. Personal presentation is absolutely key.

Now you start with what you wear. I recommend that whatever you\’re selling matches to that. If you\’re selling professional products wear a suit and tie or a nice outfit.

If you\’re a lady, a nice dress. Moreover, If you are selling things that are more like handyman type stuff you might want to wear overalls or polo shirts. Whatever matches to that item. You wouldn\’t go in wearing a three piece suit trying to sell automotive parts.

Match too, and also try to tick it up a little bit. Whatever your customer would wear, wear something similar, but just a little bit nicer. Make it 10 or 20 percent nicer. That\’s a good rule of thumb to use whenever you\’re trying to figure out exactly what to wear.

Next, you have to look at how you speak. Everything you say is literally projecting who you are. So try to match to the person that you\’re talking to as much as possible. If you naturally talk really fast and they talk really slow, you are not gonna be able to slow down their speed, but maybe slow down your speed just a little bit. Just to get closer to them.

Maybe you slow it down 10 or 20 percent. Just try to match them.

Try to use some of the words, some of the same phrases, that they use. Speak in their language. Don\’t use technical terms that they don\’t understand. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. In addition, Keep it friendly. Notice the tone of the inflection. Can they tell by the way you\’re speaking that you actually like them as a customer. Do you sound like a salesperson or do you sound like a friend. A friend will sell more than a salesperson. As a matter of fact a friend will outsell a salesperson about 10 to 1.


The next thing to look at is how you behave. I always tell everybody to be open, be honest, and be friendly. Same as you would have a conversation across the table from a good friend member. We buy from people we know we like and we trust.


Because they act in ways that we feel like we know them. They act in ways that make us like them and act in ways that make us trust them as well.

Hence, these are powerful tools.


Now the fourth one is reputation.

Reputation is what you come to the party with; the reputation presupposes certain certain things about you. They can be good things or they can be bad things.

After that, given the fact that you\’re setting up your reputation make sure you set it up in such a way that the customer will like it.


And finally kindness is key.

Members we buy from people we know we like and we trust the people that we like and trust the most are ones that we know have good hearts and people are displaying kindness. That\’s how you show your heart. After all, you\’re being kind and loving that sells not being slick. Not being overly professional and not pressuring people.

Kindness coming from that place where they sincerely know that you want to help them and that you\’re being a good friend to them.

That is amazingly powerful so in your personal presentation what is the absolute number one most important thing just like a good friend. Always be good, kind and loving. I know it sounds a little bit mushy. It sounds a little bit sentimental but this is what people like. People never reject you for being good, kind and loving. People are starved for this in their life. And this is why they like to buy from certain salespeople. This is why they want to buy from you. So I hallucinate that you are a good kind and loving person. Just make sure that you put that out there.

Don\’t try to be stiff. Don\’t try to be overly professional. Be open and flowing. Be good, kind and loving with your customer. They will respond to it in a very positive way. So the proper way to present yourself one looks sharp and looks professional like you\’re actually somebody that\’s deep into that field and knows what they\’re doing.

Customer relationship management system- Professionalism

Make sure that you match your look and your presentation to the professional. Use their terms. Use their expressions. Always want to match when we don\’t match to the person that we\’re talking to or the product or service that we\’re talking about.

We\’ve seen incongruity that\’s when what you say and what you do don\’t match. That sets off bells and whistles for people. It\’s like a warning sign, an alarm going off in their head. You don\’t want that to happen. You want to make sure that you present yourself in such a way that they know you are a good sharp professional that is knowledgeable and can help them solve their challenges. Help them make money. Also help them advance their business. The next important way to present yourself is to always be confident and authoritative and always say things like you\’re absolutely positively sure about them.

Even if you\’re not sure, go ahead and be confident anyways, be authoritative like you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is true. Be authoritative by being able to provide additional information. Talk about research and studies and other customers that have had great success with this. Tell them about times that people have been massively successful using your product or your service.

So be confident, bring on your proof, show your expertise and be authoritative. The next one is to be likable and engaging. Remember we buy from people we know like and trust. So likability is huge. I know in therapy 70 to 80 percent of why people get better is they like their therapist. They will do things for their therapist that they wouldn\’t do for themselves. Similarly, the same is absolutely true and selling. Remember 70 to 80 percent of why you\’re making these sales and are going to continue to make these sales over time is people know you like you trust you.

Likablity in customer relationship management system

There\’s actually a whole book called the likability factor because this is so important.

You could do an entire course just on how to be likable, have fun, be a good friend, talk to them like a friend across the table, tell them some jokes and have some fun with them. So be engaging and be interested in their lives just like you would do with a good friend. In conclusion, That\’ll make you highly likeable and your sales will soar now. Always remember. It\’s okay to have fun. I actually was on a sales call. I took this cute little picture. 


Just to be fun to be engaging. It actually sold the person on me.


Because I could step outside myself. I didn\’t have to be a stuffed shirt professional. However, I wasn\’t just spending all my time selling them. Moreover,I was having fun with them. We were playing together. It was a cute little thing for them to remember me by. I sent the picture the next day. We laughed about it and guess what. I made the sale why because we\’re having fun.

People are like little kids. Even the people that seem like they\’re a stuffed shirt at the core they were a child at one point. That child is still within them and one of the horrible things in life is we just don\’t play enough with each other.


People want to have a good time. They want to have fun. Moreover, these are the people that we like and trust the most that we can have fun with that will open up and do silly things like this with us. Why you have to trust somebody to do something like that. And by trusting this person with this picture and having fun with it they trusted me.


Because I trusted them. It\’s a show of reciprocity and we had a great time together and once we started having fun and interacting and laughing together the sale was so easy.

That\’s what I want for you. So remember you can go out there you can sell and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Matter of fact the more fun you have selling the more you\’re going to sell. Now the other key is to demonstrate caring and concern. People need to know that you\’re on their side and that you\’re eager to help. You\’ve got to let your customer know that you like them. Therefore, Remember we said likability is huge. 

Let me ask you a question. Who do you like and why do we like them? We tend to like people that have the good taste to like us. And remember that\’s the law. Reciprocity what we do to other people they tend to do back if you like me than I like you.


Because you showed excellent taste and I like people who like me. That is so simple.

Conclusion on customer relationship management system

Sales people forget to demonstrate caring concern to show the customer that they actually like them. They\’re so focused on getting a dollar out of the customer\’s pocket that they don\’t realize that the most important thing is the relationship with the customer. The customer pulls the dollar rather pocket and gives it to you when they know you like you and trust you.

So you showing that you like the customer will get them to like you and then the dollar will come out of their pocket easily simply and repeatedly over time you\’ll make the sale again and again and again because we buy from people that we like. I just can\’t say this enough.

So in demonstrating that we like the person we care about the person and we\’re concerned about them we worry about them. We want to make sure that they come out OK and that their business is booming and that they\’re doing well and that they\’re avoiding hassles.

It\’s never about pushing the product.

It\’s about making sure that the customer does fantastic and that your product or service is simply there to make their life better. When they believe that boom the sale is already made they will ask you to purchase the product you won\’t have to ask them. Now the next thing is to demonstrate what we call your bona fides. Why should they listen to you? Are you an expert? Absolutely.

So what you have to do is you have to let somebody know that you\’re qualified to give them information on this to say things about this product or service. You always have to explain to them why they should listen to you.

Happy reading!