Domain name for a blog- How to choose it? Part-2

Having explained how important a blog can be for our online presence. We can now go through the steps to understand how we can create one. First, we have to choose a URL, the address that our blog will have on the web. Choosing a right domain name for a blog is essential.


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Before that, we must emphasize that formats such as URLs should be avoided. First of all, this type of URL shows that, in order to save some money, our company prefers a free solution. Instead of creating a proper blog within our site. This has negative connotations for our image. At the same time, using this type of URL does not help our search engine optimization efforts. As we have already stressed, we want to indicate to Google that our site has valuable content. So, creating a blog on Blogspot or a similar service does not show this.

These free services host the content that we publish outside of our website. So, this practice will not bring any SEO benefits. It\’s like creating a completely separate and unrelated site to our existing one.

Having made it clear that our blog should be part of our company site. We also need to see what URL we can use. There are two most commonly available options: or Even if both solutions seem equivalent, they are not. Search engines treat all subdomains, i.e., of the forum, such as, as different and completely distinct from the domain. This means that using such a subdomain for our blog actually places it outside of our site.

In other words, it will not allow our site to benefit from our blog, however good our blog maybe. For these reasons, it\’s much better to choose a URL of the form This way we ensure that Google will consider this as part of our site. Therefore, will rank higher in the search results.

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