Effective Communication Skills- Personality Development

Personality refers to individual’s true being. It includes his behavior, attitude, skills, style and his way of looking at the world. Personality is affected by genetic factors, cultures, standard of living, family background and environment. Effective communication skills play an important role in improving ones personality. Let’s see how effective communication skills are a key factor of personality development.


Communication skills help an individual to express oneself. It gives you freedom to tell everything inside you to this world. Your thoughts, feelings and knowledge must be delivered in the most convincing way.

If you want to deliver and mark yourself somewhere it is important to have effective communication skills. It helps you to establish yourself and note your words seriously.


Smile is best curve to present you. You must put a smile when you interact with someone. It boosts your confidence. It also gives a better impression to the other one. Your smile makes you unique and comprehends you. It replenishes your personality.

Handling situations-

Communication skills will help you handle many situations. Even if you are losing at something if you speak well there’s a chance to win. You are a good communicator only if you are good at listening too. Better communication skills make you a good listener.

Your communication must be clear, well-structured and motivational. Nowadays people are more judging. So if you want to prove yourself correct, you must give reasons to indeed it. Communication skills help you attract the other party.

Many a times it happens that you are true to your words still the listener won’t agree you. This is due to lack of confidence. Confidence makes your point strong and leading. Thus, we can conclude as communication skills give you a better personality. Both verbal and non-verbal communication comes in effective communication.


Noise is the unwanted noise or distraction during a conversation. Effective communication is only possible when it is away from distraction. You must be so stick to your point that the listener won’t pay attention to anything else. It can be done by using gestures, eye-contact and body language.

You must be focused into the discussion to avoid noise. External sources of noise can be background conversations or music. It can also be lack of signal during telephonic conversation.

Center of Attraction-

Personality is that element which makes you different from others. It makes you center of attraction in the crowd. It is your charismatic personality that makes you popular.

Your personality is something that builds you. If you are honest and kind by heart but can’t reflect it into your personality, you are zero. Personality development will leave a beautiful essence of yours when you meet someone.Firstly, it may be your first meet or one of many.

secondly, it impresses the person you are communicating with. Moreover, it also make you remember yourself in their heart always. A better impression is always a necessity.

How to Develop A Better Personality?

The first and foremost rule is not to criticize others. We should always respect others efforts. We should not carry an attitude while we are doing a job. No matter anyone is above you or below, we should not be rude. This shows your social skills.

Personality development helps you to differentiate between your personal and professional life. This keeps you free from stress. It also helps you to become a recognizable person in the society.

Your personality can encourage other to follow you. So you must maintain yourself well. This includes right attitude, punctuality, proper attire, amiable nature, determination to learn, helping nature. This can only be achieved by personality development.

Communication skills will help you be presentable and face many problems coming in the journey. Personality development will help you see the brighter side of life. Being soft will not only make you popular but will also help you gain pride.

Key Points to Remember-

  • Right selection of words.
  • High convincing power.
  • Confidence is the key.
  • Do take care of body language.
  • Correct pronunciation of words.
  • Do not try to fool others with yours words.
  • Be unique.
  • Important- Be a patient listener.

Wrapping up!

In the end, I must say that both personality development and communication skills are inter-related. We have learned how communication skills can help you to become a better person. And how personality helps you communicate effectively.

Communication helps us deal with many problems and different types of people. Personality will make you more recognized. It also helps you attain more respect. They both lead to a successful and happy life.

Happy reading!