Email Writing: Ways Write a Professional Email

These days it is important to learn email writing. In every organization, all official notices, documents and other files are shared with the help of email. This is considered as a professional medium.


The inbox is always overloaded with 100s of email of a office worker. There are possibilities they may ignore your mail. There are some rules that will help you write an effective mail. This will highlight your email to get noticed by the viewer.

Be to the point while writing email –

Be sure that the mail is necessary to send. As if you over share, there are chances that the person must ignore your mail if you send him frequent mails.

Write only relevant information because there are chances they forward it to someone else without letting you know. Your subject must be to the point and in a phrasal type.

Catchy subject line to the Email Writing Content-

A newspaper always starts its news with attractive headline and relevant information so that the reader decides easily whether the news is fruitful for him or not.

Similarly, you must always have a catchy subject so the viewer grabs his attention towards it.

A blank subject line can related the mail as spam. That is the reason you must use a well-designed subject line.

Keep your subject line of 6-8 words. Use action verbs.

Your subject should be a “Call to Action”. If the message is short inculcate it in the subject only lasting it with ‘end of message’ (EOM).

Be simple and brief-

Professional mails are always short and clear. Keep it concise. It should direct start with the information you wanted to share.

Write your call to action statement at the top so that the reader has a focus on it. Organize in your information from the most relevant to the least.

If you want to share or communicate over many topics, try to write separate email on each topic. It makes your message clear to understand.

It does not mean here to bombard the user with many messages.Hence, it is obvious to combine related information. Just not confuse them. Use bullets to specify it in a more clear way.

Use simple signature and keep it short. Avoid using images.

Help your readers to reach every detail-

Write your key message as an initiator. Try to use short sentences. For a long email, try to use sub-headings and headings to make it clearer. Use bullets or numbers to more clarify it. Avoid using bold letters a lot to emphasize things. It may feel like you emphasized everything. Avoid all caps.

Be polite always-

People always think that email is not professional medium to convey information. But it is quite formal and need to be written remembering every business value.

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Unless the person is friendly to you, do not use informal language. Use of abbreviations, slangs, exclamation marks, and jargons must be avoided. You must use emoticons only if you know the other person well.

Open your message with a suitable greeting.

Close your message with the use of suitable complements. \’Yours sincerely\’, \’regards\’ can be used as formal closing.

Recipients may share them with others so you must be polite.

Be careful with your tone-

When we meet people we have emotions to express ourselves. Our facial expressions, gestures, vocal tone help us to know our intention. Email doesn’t give us such options. So you must be careful with your tone of writing while writing an email.

Your words, case sensitiveness, your phrases, punctuation and even the length of sentences speak a lot.  This can be chosen as a way of judging your way of writing. They can misinterpret you.

Review your email writing-

Before hitting the send button, review your content. Check if there is some spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. It is part of your professional image alike your attire. So it’s better to make it look attractive.

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While reviewing your email, make sure to check its length. People often ignore lengthy mail. So always write short and simple mail containing all relevant details.

Make sure you attach important documents or any necessary links, if wanted.


Email writing is not a easy task. It can take all your day composing it. Just analyze if it is really necessary to write an email or not.

Make your email content short and to the point. Be clear so that recipients can easily follow you.

Always remember your email must show your business values. This is a part of professionalism. So try to have a better image of you. Be polite and always reread before sending it.

Happy reading!