Google Drive: Everything You want to know

Introduction to Google Drive


In this introduction I will tell you about Google drive:-

  • What is Google Drive?
  • How does it work?
  • What can you store in it?
  • Why it is required?

So first of all let me tell you about what is Google drive and How does it work?

It is basically the most versatile cloud storage service and synchronization service available today. In order to store your files in the cloud and synchronize files across devices.

So what happens if you are getting exhausted with all your hardware devices like hard drive, pen drive then it is better to opt for a cloud service provider like Google which is for free because whenever you store some data if you are using all these hardware devices for storing your data then you have to carry this device everywhere wherever you go but with the cloud service what happens is you can access it from anywhere and anytime so this is what is the benefits of using cloud services.

So actually how does it work?

The basic thing about how does it work is it provides a synchronization technique here. It means with the help of Google drive feature suppose you have some files on your desktop and you have some files on your Google drive so with the help of Google drive feature whatever changes you are going to make in your synched files on your desktop or laptop the same changes are going to reflect on your Google drive and vice versa if you make changes in the files which are in your Google drive the same changes will get reflected on your desktop file this is what called as synchronization.

Its essential aim is to expand your ability to store files crossing the limits of your pen drive.

What can you store in Google Drive?

We will see what can we store in it and also we will see what type of files we can store in it.

So the file we can store in it is we can store the documents in PDF or text files or non-native files like Microsoft Docs Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, etc.

We can also store videos and photos. For photos, you can use Google Photos or Google Drive to store your photos. You can also store Email attachments and much more.

Here we have to remember that for the native files it will take less space whereas for non-native files such as Microsoft Documents and files will adapt more space

The storage size here provided by Google is 15 GB of free cloud storage is provided by signing up in your Google account and this free space is shared between Google Drive, Google Photos, and G-mail.

So you will just need to sign in your Google account and if you don’t have any Google account you have to make one. After signing in you have to go to and there you can see your Google drive

Now if you want more storage to if you want to upgrade your storage then at the right side of the screen you can see buy storage option just click that and you will see various offers and plans provided by Google

You can see 15GB free storage and then for the next 100 GB you will have to pay 1300 rupees per year for 200 GB you have to pay 2100 rupees per year and if you want 2TB storage you will have to pay 6500 rupees per year and there are more options available. You can take the plans according to your needs.

Why Google Drive?

Now we will see why to use it

So there are so many reasons to use it such as the very main reason is it is free to use. You can use 15 GB space. You can store your data which you can access anytime anywhere.

The second very important reason is security. Google provides a password to access our data and also gives us 2-step authentication. This is very important to secure your data.

You can access you file anywhere anytime. You can also upload and share your files stored in it

It\’s back up and sync feature is also very helpful for us. The next one is Collaboration with permission which means you can share your files to your colleges. And all by giving them permission whether they can edit your file or whether they can only view your file.

The upgradation process is also very easy

You can also use Google Chrome Extensions if you want to explore more features.