Happiness: Good feeling of having everything sorted out

How many people do you know who say at the end of their work days. Yes. Happiness surrounded me.


I did everything I could.

I\’m happy.

I\’m confident.

I feel good free.

And now I go home and enjoy my evening.

It depends a bit on the culture and on the country where you live but basically in modern times it\’s usually that we are overwhelmed with too many tasks too much information in many countries people who work on the weekends.

They take them all by phone with them on vacation so they are really never 100 percent satisfied and can say yes my work is done.

I feel good now I\’m free and this is the feeling we want to get. We also want to be happy in all areas of our lives not only work. Also, we want to be happy with family with the children we want to have several projects that may be at work. We want to have hobbies.

Maybe we want to learn the language and all that. At the same time, it\’s possible if you really want to do it. For example in my own story, I have a web development job as well as I am also enrolled in some courses I am writing a book. I read books. I play games on my iPad. Even I have the time to watch videos. And finally, I have the time to write this blog and all that.

In spite of my so much work I have time for my family, my friends and I enjoy my life.

So how is that possible.

It\’s a collection of many many tricks and hacks life hacks productivity hacks.

Imagine a really big toolbox and you can decide which tool you want to use for which purpose and you can always change your tools over time.

If you want to read more you can do that if you want to exercise more. Which I do two times per week. You can do that. Maybe you want to exercise every day or you want to learn everyday. 

I decided to do everything.

Of course one reason is because I want to be productive.

I want to see where the limits are and I can tell you I have not found them yet.

And if you like them please post in the comments section of this blog.

What are your personal challenges or are you all motivated on your dreams?

So everybody struggles with something.

I also struggle with things.

Not every day is perfect.

I just want to have the truth which allows me to make every day perfect.

So please write in the comments what your challenges are. What are your goals?

Maybe it helps to clarify them.

Maybe we can discuss them.

I will answer you.

Other readers can answer you and you talk about it.

If it makes sense or not and maybe it\’s just motivating for you to write them down.

Here the cause and hearing the cause are only people who want to do the same thing as you.

So I guess they are happy to read what your goals are.

So then see you in the next blog and in the comments.

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