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Healthy Life: Sound Of Silence Part-6

In this blog we will learn about about health affects our life by the sound of silence. Health is an important element for a happy and stress-free life. So, live a healthy life and learn with us. You can read its previous parts here- SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE SOUND OF SILENCE: SECRET OF LIFE Part-2 LIFE AND SILENCE: SOUND OF SILENCE Part-3 LIFE AND ITS REFLECTION: SOUND OF SILENCE Part-4 Life Moments And Energy: Sound of Silence Part-5

Healthy Life: Sound Of Silence Part-6

Oblation of Ghee (clarified butter) in Fire

Many people pour ghee in the fire to make it burn brighter. Whatever be the objective of such persons, another scenario emerges when I ponder it, namely, that the person lost in revelry even as he pours the oblation of his soul in the fire of his passion. He never pauses to think about how his soul is being affected. How could he, when the darkness of ignorance has enveloped his soul?

Being Healthy is a Must in Life

For a successful life, it is necessary for a person to be healthy. Whatever diet is consumed in a healthy state (of the body) gets digested and forms into appropriate juice. Finally, that juice transforms by the inner chemical process into seven nutrients that nourish the body. Diet ingested in a diseased condition (of the body) does not get digested in the right manner. So, no matter how much a person consumes, he remains debilitated. Likewise, when the soul is afflicted with the disease of ‘mithyatva’ (wrong belief), it can not become whole.

Whatever it assimilates does not get transformed properly, so that it does not merit that degree of success which it would otherwise. Hence, the disease of falsehood should be alleviated and its health restored. With health regained whatever be the process, the right changes will follow so that it will attain a high point of life’s success, that is, salvation.

External Glitter

A cake of camphor does not last long, it vanishes. When worldly things are pondered over, they appear momentary. Nothing is seen to endure permanently. Just as the color of turmeric fades in heat, all material things are perishable in a trice, not to speak of the impermanence of the body which the soul has assumed. This too deteriorates, perishes. Hence, consciousness, why dost thou lose thyself in these, why get stuck? You are made of different stuff, take care of that. Once you guard that, all the external glitter would dim.

Two Types of a Disciple

A disciple has two forms. One is that of water, another of ghee (that is, clarified butter). The water-like disciple establishes a rapport with the milk-like preceptor. He can get scalded but cannot live apart from the preceptor. Once he earns the Guru’s proximity, his behavior, intellect, and life are Guru alone. The sound that reverberates is: I have surrendered my life to your care, unto your feet. There is no complaint, no argument, no counter-argument, but like the ‘ghee’, the disciple wants to exhibit himself. He spreads all over the milk that is Guru. Instead of being wrapped in the Guru, he tries to wrap the Guru within himself. He is just skimming the surface. He positions himself as an exhibit and does not attain oneness with the Guru. Albeit he owes his origin to the Guru, he has put this fact out of his mind.

Harmonization of Faith and Conduct

Faith is one aspect of life and conducts another. Also, faith is the doctrine that is internalized. If their harmonized form (blended state) is isolated from life, a person cannot attain the secret of reality. Where the totality of life is manifest, faith, and conduct become alike. Their identity is established. At that point life, itself becomes akin to faith and becomes the ideal for others. Hence, to attain these two extremities of life, may our huge capacity be unlocked.

Keys of the Chest

As the hour of death approached, the father started confiding in his sons—I have stored all the wealth in the chest—and breathes his last. The family members approach the chest only to learn that the keys could not be traced. The one who was sagacious among them wondered where the keys might be. After all, the father could not have taken them along with him. He reflected using his intellect, tracked the keys, and could then make utilize his father’s wealth. The wealth of sermon given by the Veetraga (conqueror of passion) Lord has been stored in the treasure chest of words by the Ganadharas (direct disciples). The chest of words is in itself of such grandeur that even as you draw from it, it will never be empty.

But not everyone can gain access to its key. It is the deserving sagacious intellect alone that can get hold of the keys.

I Am Wise Though

There is a glass filled with milk. Someone partakes of a drop from it and claims to have drunk milk. He has surely tasted milk, but not consumed it. This is the state of many students today. Having partaken of an aspect of a drop or half from the glass of milk of words, they begin to think of themselves as wise. Arrogating wisdom to one, one only slam shut the door on the knowledge of development, because no sooner than wisdom knocks, he proclaims, “I am knowledgeable” so that knowledge is denied entry. This too has been ranked as a kind of affliction. This affliction can be endured or subdued, only by rare personages.

Time’s Limited

Venerable chiefs are going to arrive. Like it happens on the political plane, in the same manner, people are speculating in their own way. Different people are expressing themselves in diverse ways. When a pebble drops in the water, momentary currents arise; however, deep inside there is hardly any disturbance. There is no feeling of opposition. Rather the attitude is one of self-confidence. I wish to open my heart. The mind says, whatever is happening, let it be. You are today where you were before. If the post is a special one, it ought to have occasion for self-development. Why get entangled in trivialities? Time’s limited. Do whatever you wish in that span. Be it creative or destructive.

Being creative enhances power, destruction spells its decline. There are a few things that hurt the mind though. I wonder why unnecessary storms arise. I also wonder why whatever I say does not have the right consequences. The solution though suggests itself. As far as possible what I think is what the reason is.

I hope this helped you learn about a healthy and a wealthy life. Always know the importance of life and being healthy.

Happy reading!

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