How to crack an interview: Tips to follow

Getting an interview call from your dream company is like achieving everything you wanted. But the end is not here, you need to crack the interview. So here I will help you with how to crack an interview.


In this blog, we will learn about important interview skills one must learn to crack any interview.

Research about the company

It is really very important to know basic information about the company. The company always questions you about it. Firstly, you should know its vision, mission and other such activities of the company. Secondly, you should also know about the department you want to get in.

You can get this information on its website. Moreover, you can also get this in the pre placement talk.

Analyze job description of the company

You must not only know about the company but also read about job description. You must know how you will prove your skills for the eligibility of the job.

If you have any past experience, be willing to mention it.

Brush your basic skills

Your impressive personality isn’t enough. You must be excellent in your subject. If you are a fresher, you must be strong at your fundamentals. And if you are an experience person, you must be mastered in presenting your thoughts.

Prepare for FAQs

Most of the interviews have some common questions. Be prepared with those questions such as ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘why should I hire you’, ‘why do need this job’, etc. List them according to the company and job description and prepare it.

Be punctual

Reach at the destination before time allotted. Many interviewers reject people who are not punctual without taking their interview. Maintain a buffer time in case of traffic issues so that you don’t look stressed out when you reach there.

Be clear to your words

Make sure you are clear and confident while you speak. You must be too fast to just answer all the questions asked. You should be honest, if you don’t know any answer. Don’t mumble.

Body posture and eye-contact

Many interviewers judge you on your non-verbal communications. Your postures, gestures speak a lot about it. They will judge and come to a conclusion in the starting 90 seconds.

You must maintain frequent eye-contact with the interviewer. This shows that you are confident. Looking here and there, at the wall or at the clock shows lack of confidence in you.

Rehearse your resume well

They may ask you to travel them through your resume. This is the time when you can highlight your skills and achievements. Prepare it already to maintain the time and pauses.

Know the worth of time

They plan a busy schedule of them. So don’t waste their time by being more expressive. Complete in short and simple manner. Avoid use of slangs or jargons. Even if they make you comfortable and become friendly, be professional.

 Mention your strength and career goals

You will get many chances to elaborate your strengths. Present it well. Don’t be arrogant while explaining it. Be informative and polite.

You must be true and straight to your career objective. Do not talk a general point. Be prepared about it already. Tell about what are your plans for achieving it.

 Follow the interviewers sight

Every company have their own set of conduction. They have their sort of style. Follow them. It feels more interactive and shows your interest in the company.

 Ask right queries

Be open to ask any question if you have. Just remember they are relevant to company. They can be about your job profile or department you will be joining.

 Stay motivated

Even if you feel your interview wasn’t go well as you expected. Just don’t act demotivated. Your honest and enthusiastic nature leaves a good impression on them. It shows if any situation gets worse, you are ready to face it.

 Show gratitude towards them

No matter your interview goes well and good or not. Be thankful to them for their time and considerations. This reflects your personality well.

To sum up, I will say just be humble and confident about what you have prepared. This is the key to crack any sort of interview.

I hope this blog will help you get a good job.

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Happy reading!