How to Sleep Better: Trusted and Tested

In this blog I will tell you how to sleep better


We have to talk for a moment about your philosophy of sleep.

Now I realize that sounds a bit pretentious to talk about but whether you realize it or not you do have a philosophy of sleep.

We\’re all shaped by the culture we live in and we live in a culture that for the most part says sleeping is bad.

That\’s for the lazy to do that when you\’re dead.

If you\’re really ambitious you need to work work work get up really early stay late party late work work work work or have fun party hard but sleep that\’s for wimps that\’s for lazy.

If you\’ve heard that your whole life it makes sense that at some level that permeates who you are your identity.

The problem is it\’s completely backward.

Sleep is essential to leading a healthy life to being able to think clearly to be productive.

Yes it is true.

There is some insanely small percentage of people in the world who only need four hours sleep.

Guess what.

I doubt you\’re one of them.

Most human beings if they are allowed to go to sleep without a lot of electronic stimulation and they don\’t have an alarm clock or cell phone waking them up will typically sleep eight and half nine hours.

You may think I\’m crazy but that is what most human beings slept throughout history.

It\’s what most human beings will sleep today if you get rid of so many extra stimulations electronic stimulation coffee stimulation.

So you need to step back for a moment and figure out what is my philosophy of sleep.

Is it a good thing?

I would say yes it is.

Do I deserve it?


Is it some extra or a luxury.


Is it something I should be able to do just on my vacation for two weeks every summer?


It should be a part of your daily experience.

It\’s not an extra, it\’s not a luxury.

It\’s what you deserve as a human being, it\’s also what\’s going to help you be more productive at work to get along better with your family members because you\’re not going to be cranky.

And it\’s what\’s going to make every part of your life better because you can think clearly it simply is not true that you get more done by getting less sleep.

Many of the most productive people in the world also got the most. The most successful football quarterback in United States history Tom Brady sleeps nine sometimes 10 hours a day and doesn\’t seem to have slowed down his productivity.

Winston Churchill would sleep all afternoon typically so you have got to build a philosophy of sleep for yourself that is positive that tells yourself it\’s not an extra.

It\’s not something to fight.

Once you tell yourself you deserve a full night\’s sleep.

Here\’s where it gets tricky because things like this and your cell phone alarm I believe are the enemy.

Anytime you\’re using an alarm clock what you\’re telling yourself is that you do not deserve the sleep your body wants you\’re telling yourself you should be impoverished.

That\’s like telling yourself you should ever have three meals a day.

You should just go to bed hungry.

Why would you deprive yourself.

Why should you deprive yourself of sleep?

I realize you\’ve probably used an alarm clock.

Most of your adult life doesn\’t mean that\’s healthy.

It means you\’re consistently depriving your body enough sleep. If you need an alarm clock to get up it means you\’re going to bed too late.

Now this blog series is going to give you a million different techniques of how to fall asleep earlier but if you tell yourself well. I\’m a night owl of course I have to stay up to 1 2 o\’clock.

Maybe that was true in high school.

Maybe it was true in college but if you\’re 30 40 50 60 or 70. Chances you\’re not really a night owl anymore.

If you stop drinking coffee after six o\’clock and you stop electronic stimulation in terms of watching videos reading cell phones text messages you stop that after eight o\’clock or so at night.

Chances are you can fall asleep dramatically earlier.

You can tell yourself Oh I only need five hours sleep.

You might be able to get by on five hours of sleep.

Doesn\’t mean that\’s what you need if you want to know what you need.

You need to go a week or so without an alarm clock and see how long you are asleep.

This is assuming we saw the other problems of sleep and insomnia.

But if you tell yourself you don\’t deserve sleep and you need to constantly interrupt your sleep patterns with alarms.

That is a huge huge problem.

If you really want to fully embrace the philosophy you deserve a great night\’s sleep every night.

I believe you should never with rare exceptions use an alarm clock of any sort.

I do only if I have to get up early to catch a plane to go someplace and there\’s simply no way of avoiding it.

And I\’ve got to interrupt my sleep patterns.

But the normal day if you plan correctly you should never need an alarm clock.

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