How to Sleep Peacefully: Tips to follow

In this blog series we are going to see How to Sleep Peacefully: Tips to follow


Imagine waking up every morning and you\’re fully rested.

You have all the energy you need to spring out of bed and attack the day.

So much of bad sleep is caused simply by bad habits, nighttime things we drink, things we eat, things we look at on screen before going to bed.

These are habits that can be changed if you are ready to start getting not a good but a great night sleep.

Then I urge you to go ahead and read this blog today.

You don\’t have to go through life tired, you don\’t have to walk through life like a zombie, you can be fully rested and energetic every single day.

Go ahead.

Quick Win! 2 Step Process To Increase Sleep

Let\’s dive right in with a quick win.

I\’m going to give you lots of tips on how to get a better night\’s sleep in this blog series.

But let\’s focus on one really simple one.

You\’ve probably heard the tip that you should stop looking at email and text an hour before you go to sleep.

I want to go a little deeper than that and it\’s a two step process.

The first process is to literally turn off your phone.

I don\’t mean hit it on mute, I mean literally turn off your phone one hour before you go to bed step to read an actual paper book, I don\’t mean just reading while looking at news online, I don\’t even mean reading digital books online.

I mean an actual paper book where you\’re completely away from all electronics and all screens doesn\’t solve every problem for so many people.

It dramatically increases their chances of getting a good night\’s sleep.

Watch This Before You Try Pills or Other Quick Fixes

If you\’ve been suffering from poor sleep long enough you\’re likely to want to try a quick fix specifically a pill.

Now I\’m not a medical doctor but I do urge you to do this one thing: go to Google search engine of your choice.

Type in the name of your pil you want to take and just have a look on their side effects.

You will be shocked in a poll.

I guarantee you you\’re never going to want to try those pills if you just look at the scientific literature out there.


Your eyes will be shut.

But the quality of your sleep is so poor that it is causing severe damage.

These are not the solutions.

Chances are there is another habit you need to change to get a good night\’s sleep.

So I\’ve tried these before.

Yes they can technically get you to fall asleep but they are destroying the quality of your sleep.

So if you doubt me Please google it first.

Don\’t just take the advice of a doctor and don\’t take my advice.

Look at what the scientific consensus says about these sleep pills.

It is nearly unanimous that they are awful for you.

Our goal

So just a moment about what we\’re trying to do here together.

I want to help you have a better night\’s sleep.

Reduce insomnia.

And I want to do it in a very specific way.

Number one I want to refresh your memory on all the other tips you\’ve heard from other places on good habits to increase the odds of having a good night\’s sleep and reducing insomnia.

Number two I want to give you new tips you\’ve perhaps never heard of before.

But number three and most important. I want to give you a system of actually changing these into habits. That you practice on a daily basis reading something in a book hearing a tip.

It\’s interesting but you forget it in a day.

I\’m going to tell you through my selfie speak programming method. You can read about this method here Self-Discipline: The Selfie Programming Method.

How to turn these into habits that you do unthinkingly. So that you can go throughout the rest of your life with a good night\’s sleep and no insomnia.

That is our goal.