Do you want to work from home and make a living online? If yes, So you are at a right place. I can insure you that this will help you surely for making money online.


Today, each of us are suffering from a global pandemic. There is no other chance than making some money to support your loved ones. No doubt, this corona outbreak can take a lot time to recover. So, if you are engaged in a job there are chances that you may lose it soon if situation won’t recovered soon.

Presently, organisations are reducing their job vacancies and reducing their employees to save their company in this corporate world. In this adverse situation, if you are expecting your career growth, you are wrong.

Sometimes, things are not in favour with you but their can be positivity in everything.

If you go for a magnifying look, many business will opt for online opportunities to grow at a broad level. So here, i will tell you “WORK FROM HOME: MAKING A LIVING ONLINE” let’s go step by step.

Continue reading to have a life changing opportunity.

Analyze the Market Needs

It is an important element before starting a business whether online or offline to know the need of market. Even though you have a mind-blowing idea, current situation may still become a reason of failure.

Hence, you have to think and rethink the scope of it before initiating the business. You must go with the vogue when talking about technologies to upgrade your business.

Once you are ready with everything you can implement it.

Build a Scalable Business Model

In a local business, there is a buyer and a seller. Here the seller owns a shop where he sells the products and services directly to their customers. This type of business is a bit restricted in approach. If you want to scale up this business you might need to purchase a new property and establish your new business with the same brand.

Scaling your offline business model might require a lot of time and investment. If you want to make a living online so you need to build a scalable business model without much investment.

To scale up your online business you could either pitch your products or services directly to your customers. In addition, you could also find potential partners and clients online to work with you and scale your business.

If you hire the manpower to empower your business so you need to pay them their fixed monthly salaries. This would be irrespective of the fact that your business is running in profits or loss.

On the other hand, once you offer an opportunity for an online audience to partner with you. So you could scale up your business at a limited cost that will also reduce your risk if you pay your partner based on fixed commissions.

Create a Digital Consumer Product: work from home

A Digital Consumer Product might be in the form of text, presentations, audio, or video that people will pay to consume your content. 

Some of the common examples of Digital Consumer products are ; 

  • Online Video Course
  • Audio Podcast
  • Digital Magazine
  • Streaming Website
  • If you are an instructor so you create your online video course in which students will enroll and pay you to consume your content. 
  • You could also create a digital magazine and start building your readership so that people start paying on the basis of monthly subscriptions. 
  • In order to make a living online, you could start selling multimedia content like images, videos, and music online.
  • Streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime sell digital consumer products like online TV Shows and movies in a similar way if you create an online platform where you could partner with the content creators to publish their content on your website so you could start making a living online. 

Develop Online Partnerships: work from home

The Internet is a great medium to connect with people around the world and communicate. You could make the best use of this technology for your business with the help of the internet and social media. If you want to take your online business to the next level and make a living online so you could create partnership opportunities for people through your website.

You could develop your own terms and conditions and let people apply for a partnership with you on your website. After conducting the review if you think that the applicant is able to become your partner so you could also provide them instructions and tools to guide them and follow your commands.

This way you could keep the track of your business and monitor the performance of your online partners. After which one after the other people will start applying for the partnership and this way your brand value will grow in the market.

Create a Website: work from home

You simply cannot make a living online without a website. If you want to succeed in your online business so there is definitely a need for having a quality website that is responsive and fast.

There are many types of websites like a blog, portfolio, business, entertainment, news and magazine, and more. 

You need to decide which type of website you would prefer for your business and start developing your website.

Once you have your website you could also develop multiple methods to multiply your online income like Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Content Marketing, Sponsorships, and more. 

Since many prefer to view videos rather than reading the text so you could also create your YouTube Channel and start producing videos to reach more people to view your content and this will generate your brand awareness.

Freelancing: work from home

A simple way to make a living online is to offer freelancing services to your clients. Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to generate online income. Whether you are specialized in digital marketing, website designing, video editing, voice-over, animation, audio mixing and mastering, photo editing, and more.

You could offer any of your skill-based offers to your online customers. If your customers like your work so you will get more opportunities to work as a freelancer. There are many popular websites like Fiverr where you could create your freelance gig and sell your services to earn more profits like the way I do.

 In a similar way if you have the skill with the help of which you want to start earning revenue so start freelancing on your own or get started with Fiverr.

Sell Products Online: work from home

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by simply selling your products online. If you have an inventory of products or wholesale products so you could start uploading your products on the popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon or create your own e-commerce Store.

Once you upload your products with details, images, and pricing on your website. So now it’s time to run the campaigns on your websites to drive traffic to your website. This will require an investment but at the same time, you need to calculate your profits. So, further you could manage the risks involved and target your customers to generate the maximum sales and revenue.

As a bonus tip: To run a successful e-commerce business you need to plan and create your return, exchange, refund, and damage policies in advance to protect your business from losses. Also it’s very important to deliver your products as fast as possible to your customers. This will help you gain more trust.

If you are about to build a website which provides your customer to track the status of their order and get in touch with you for any support. This will be an added advantage for your online e-commerce business.


In this way, you can utilize your day in this lockdown serving your family and nation.

Stay safe!

Happy reading!