Is JioMart better than Amazon and Flipkart?

After reading lots of reviews and doing so much research our team found that the concept of JioMart will surely take over the market but as of now they are totally new to this industry and we all know that everything takes time to grow and Jio Mart will also take time to grow although it is very easy to make grow because of the name of Jio group. So, Is JioMart better than Amazon and Flipkart?


But as of now, it will take some time to grow because they are new in this field and if we compare to the known brands which are Amazon, Flipkart, swiggy, snapdeal, D-mart, and many more then we can see that they are doing business in Indian markets since 5-10 years and they become the trusted brands. So the service provided by these companies is best.


When compared to JioMart we found that the customers are not satisfied with the service of JioMart some of them have the complaints that their delivery agents will expect that they will walk to the society gate and pick their order. 

They do not provide packaging to the order, so the main thing delivery agents tell us is please carry your bag along because the goods are loose. When you compare it with other companies like  Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, everything is properly packed and sealed and the chances of getting a product damaged are really less.

The delivery agents, the customer care services and their support are not good and customers are facing problems in placing orders.

When we asked the customers the answer we got was that JioMart came in exams without preparations. Delivery happens as per their own comfort, with no flexibility to choose a slot.

Introductory offer is free delivery. And we don’t know the duration of free delivery 

Some customers reviews for JioMart 

”Quality of the products are not good. Potatoes, Onions get spoiled often.”


“Range of products is very less. I could not find Paneer to order.


I ordered Sanitizer & they did not deliver it.”


But before going to the conclusion let me tell you some benefits of JioMart

Benefits of JioMart

The benefits provided by the jio mart are:

Free home delivery 

JioMart provides you free delivery on any orders and there is no minimum order limit.

Easy Returns 

No questions will be asked on returning the product 

No minimum order value 

You have no minimum order value to order, you can even order a 10rs item and that too with no delivery cost 

Express delivery 

They assure you to provide your order as soon as possible with the help of their express delivery 

WhatsApp services .

They provide you the service to order your product from the wide range of 50,000+ products from the WhatsApp 

Online/Offline Mode

You can order any product with the help of their online or offline mode.

Now coming back to the point Is JioMart better than Amazon and Flipkart?

So the answer is we can not say that JioMart is the best and we must stop using Amazon or Flipkart.

The reason behind this is Amazon and Flipkart are already established and well-settled brands in the e-commerce market or on the e-commerce platforms and Jio Mart is just trying to build their brand in the e-commerce market. So It won\’t be right to compare Jio mart with established brands. It is like you are comparing some state-level athletes with international champion Usain Bolt.

Yup, But if we make a decision while considering their startup establishments and offers then as per our personal opinion. It is good for the Indian market.

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Happy reading!

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