You are currently viewing Life and Ageing: Sound Of Silence Part-8

Life and Ageing: Sound Of Silence Part-8

In this blog, we will learn various aspects of life and how ageing affects is. Ageing is something no one wants to accept in life.. Let us know various facts about living a life. You can read our previous blogs on sound of silence.

Life and Ageing: Sound Of Silence Part-8

When the Switch cannot be turned on

Illusion like a missile strike from a distance. The heart is supposedly the seat of illusion, but it lands its blow on the mind. It affects the intellect. Illusion deforms the mind, it develops contortions. In the moments of contortion,firstly, the capacity of the intellect to grasp reality is hindered. Secondly, it inclines towards the commotion. Finally, this state makes one oblivious of the basic source of the soul. Hence, one might care to ensure that the switch of the missile of illusion in not turned on.

The Positive Aspect of Non-violence

Ahimsa (or, non-violence) does not just have a negative connotation; rather, its form is pervasive. Ahimsa is not just giving up; it is also gaining. Intrinsic to ahimsa is the attitude of being friendly towards all creatures. Until this feeling of friendliness for all creatures awakens, ahimsa cannot come to fruition in life.
In order to explain religion as ahimsa, restraint and penance have also been included, which makes it clear that ahimsa should be with restraint. Even restraint is not possible without the penance of control of desires. When desires are checked, friendly feeling towards all will naturally arise. Whatever stymies the fulfillment of desires becomes an object of hatred. But if there is no desire, no longing, there will be the the feeling of equality for all in life, which is the positive aspect of ahimsa.

Contours of Sangh Administration

Decentralization could be done to subserve the cause of Sangh administration, but decentralization cannot be fully independent. To a certain extent, a certain officer may execute a task. Final decision and instruction will vest in the Acharya. This arrangement would make for the excellent running of the Sangh. For example, an officer draws up an outline of the itinerary for the holy men and women, taking on board the convenience of the aged among them as also of those engaged in studies. He may then mentally prepare the holy men and women for the travel route mapped out. He may continue to appraise the Acharya about this.

After the holy men and women concerned are mentally attuned, the relative instructions/ directions will be given by the Acharya. Hence, other arrangements too can be made on similar lines. In the present-day circumstances, it is necessary that initiation is vested in the Acharya, and the newly initiated may attend upon the Acharya for a certain period. This would make for loyalty and mutuality of goodwill.

Plannings of Sangh

For the progress of the Sangh, a planning commission is expected. The chief position in that commission may be at the discretion of the Acharya, that is, he may be its Chief/President/Protector of Peace. An enlightened saint may be the Deputy Chief, another three or four members may be appointed. The commission may formulate a three-year plan in phases.

The Plan ought to should be just idealistic; it needs to be practical too. That literature (here, ‘sat Sahitya’, or sermons, moral and spiritual writings, and scriptural excerpts) ought to be in place cannot be gainsaid, but it should be organized. To this end, a “Committee on Writing Literature” may be constituted under the direction of a literary officer. For education too, a similar authorized Committee may be formed. These Committees may be constituted for a two or three-year term. A reconstitution of its composition or even an extension of the term may be considered after a review of their performance.

The Cause of Ageing in Life

An ordinary personage; some age prematurely. It is generally believed that it is usual and natural, that it is the nature the burden of desire and mind of the body to grow old with age, but simultaneously the question arises why the Tirthankars (realized souls) don’t and others, viz other great souls who performed great deeds do not grow old with the passage of years. About Tirthankars it may be said to be their miracle, but this solution does not stand the test of logic. A reflection in this context presents a beautiful solution, that the more the body lugs the burden of desire and mind the faster it ages. Tirthankars do not carry the load of desire and mental tendencies. Therefore, they live minimally. Hence they keep old age at bay.

Quit Frolic

A frolicking person can hardly get ahead. He plays about and jumps and falls to the ground at the same spot. This may pass for exertion but does not lead to progress. If the same exertion is put in to traverse a path, he can reach his destination, his goal. It is observed generally that a person kicks up his heels rather too often. This playfulness could be of the physique, of the mind, or of sophistry. A frisky mind is lethal to life. Hence, give up being frolicsome and set your mind on traversing the road.

The Technique of Flying in the Sky

Many people aspire to fly in the sky, but very few would know the method of doing so. Before flying, it is necessary to firm up the ground beneath the feet. So, if the ground beneath is not hard, the person cannot take off, no matter how many attempts he makes. Airplanes, helicopters, etc also need solid ground to be air-borne. The soul has to soar upwards in the sky, but this is not possible without the soundness of a moral base. To become spiritual, it is necessary that the ground of morality in your life is solid.

I hope this helped you learn right track to life and causes of ageing. Always follow a path of non-violence and never quit.

Happy reading!

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