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In this blog, we will learn about the reflection of life by the sound of silence. let’s learn more about this. For previous parts you can read by- SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE. Also, SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE Part-2, SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE Part-3


Two Points of Reflection

Before criminal tendencies grow, it would be prudent  to heed the inner voice. How do religious ceremonies influence our conduct in life? This has to be inspected, examined and reviewed meticulously.

Manifesting the Light of the Soul

If the possibility of incurring loss from an act is known, the wise man, the thoughtful man will not exert to perform it, or at least, it would be a rare occurrence. Now, even if the person knows that a particular act would only serve to keep him travelling in the worldly cycle, he sticks with it. Why so? The reason could be that the knowledge he has acquired is just bookish, or has been learnt by rote. Truly, if inner knowledge dawns, the person will not be disposed towards any act, such as moving in the worldly cycle, which is detrimental to the soul. Hence, the knowledge that has been lifted from tomes and other means and stored in the mind must be internalized as experience, and the soul’s light made manifest. 

One Reined in, the Other Exalted

 For the soul to attain a higher state, it is important  to rein in ego. So long as the ego is in an overblown state, the soul’s powers are attenuated. Hence souls engaged in spiritual discipline may not bother about prestige or slight, rather it would be appropriate to abandon prestige, make it bow down. He should not even think whether somebody is bestowing honour on him, because it is not possible to procure honour by hankering after it. It is only a person’s deeds that bring him honour. In that state, the yearning for honour ends. His exclusive aim is to get the soul in the exalted state. Hence, one is exalted when the other is reined in.

Inwardly and Outwardly Alike

The religious situation today causes anguish. The reason simply is that people just tag along. It is not bad to follow. But if, in the act of imitation, there is absence of one’s own awareness, there is no moment of awakening, and the be all and end all of religion is perceived in external ceremonies, and the soul of the activity is totally obliterated, how could then such an imitation or following, help with the attainment of Reality?If the above situation is pondered over deeply, the aspect is frightening. Religious activity too appears to be haven for inner dark tendencies. In such circumstances, a person should proceed with caution. 

Assuagement ( Upashaman ) of Oneself

A person afflicted with disease went to an Ayurvedic practitioner who diagnosed his ailment as “Trigun Dosh”. The same patient then goes to an allopath who, upon examining him with BP instrument and stethoscope, finds him to be suffering from BP.  While the Homeopath listens to his history and prescribes medicine, the exorcist faults the evil spirits. On the other hand, the astrologer is wont to ascribe it to the wrath of the stars. So, the same patient finds himself  suffering from assorted diseases as diagnosed by different physicians. 

Now in such a state, the wise say the root cause of disease is ‘karma’ (action). As long as the aspect of ‘asatavedaniya’ (or, inflow of pain-bringing-feeling) in a strongly awakened form subsists, he would have to experience pain. Hence, instead of suppressing the disease, know the disease as the fruition of deeds done by self, and ‘assuage’ oneself (that is, prevent karma from coming to fruition).

Power Centres to be Invoked 

A trader was honoured by the king with a grant of a sandalwood garden. The trader thought, to what avail is this garden, I being a trader. I ought to squeeze wealth out of it. In this obsession for profit, he started tearing down sandalwood trees to convert them into charcoal which was then put up for sale. A whole lot of sandalwood was destroyed in this manner. Does not man find himself in the same plight today? He has been granted five senses. What amazing power centres has the body got! He can awaken them and ridding himself of the poverty of many worlds, he can access inexhaustible wealth. But he uses these power centres for trivial physical things. If this is not converting sandalwood to coal, what else can it be termed? Man must be made aware of his powers.

The Dawn of Life

When we study the mental tendencies of a person, it appears that the person is not afraid to sin. He cannot rid himself of the tendency to sin, but definitely tries to avoid being thought of as sinner by his family and society. The image he likes to project before the family and the society is that he is a pious soul, a virtuous person. This is a kind of self-deception, is vanity. One who can deceive himself can deceive others also. The tendency to self-deception needs to be checked. Achieving this would be the ‘dawn of life’ of virtue.

Knowledge of Life’s Totality

Enemies of the soul like anger, vanity, envy, jealousy, etc subsist only with the support of the soul. They keep the soul company until it attains ‘jeevan darshan’ (or, the insights into life). By ‘jeevan-darshan’ is meant knowledge of life in totality. That awakens a divine power. The hub of that power is the soul. But its awakening can happen only in moments of ’jeevan-darshan’. Also, its awakening makes the enemies of the soul feel debilitated. They want to hide but the force that flows from the awakened power centre exposes them. Eventually they have to wind up their show, because light and darkness cannot co-exist.

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