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In this blog, you will know some rules to live life. The secret of life by the sound of silence. You can check it previous parts here- SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE and SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE Part-2


The Body Machine

In this modern machinery age, man has advanced considerably in terms of physical prosperity. Man acquires the knowledge of what machine is capable of what speed, how powerful it is, and what is its potential; however, he is generally ignorant about the machinery operating inside his body. He is unaware of this instrument. He hardly has the time to reflect in this direction. Identify the machine inside the body, get acquainted with it. Get to know its speed. strength and potential. When a person comprehends the speed etc of the bodily machine, it will surprise him to know that physical machine just cannot match the power and potential of the machine located inside the body.

Let us for a moment view as secondary the very many powers of the machine that is inside the body, and consider just the power of the mind. Comprehension of it power and potential has eluded even the great rishis and maharishis (sages)-they have wandered in forests, dwell in caves but have not been able to decipher the powers of the mind. Likewise, the machine within has powers galore; there is need to know them.

Lord of the Three Worlds

God is referred to as the Lord of the Three Worlds. The Lord of three worlds implies the Giver of the gift of fearlessness all the creatures that dwell in the three worlds. Expressed in another form, He has made the three worlds the subject of his knowledge. There is an interpretation that the human body has been addressed with the nomenclature of three worlds’. One who has know the indwelling soul (or, atman), may be said to have visited every region of the soul. One who has fully mastered the ‘atman’, is known as ‘Trilokinath’ (or, Lord of the Three Worlds),  because the three worlds’ of a body is the abode of the soul, and to be its Lord Tantamount to being the Lord of the Three Worlds.

From Gold to Pure Glittering Gold

Struggles and problems contribute in a significant way in personality development of a person, Do not shy away from struggles and problems, learn to grapple with them. These struggles and problems are a chest of experiences. The experience gained from them is not attainable from books. Without contact with fire gold does not acquire sparkle; likewise, without having lived through struggles and problems, there is no blossoming out of personality.

Deciding on the Spot

Whether the circumstances are favourable or adverse, a person ought to exercise caution. Favourable circumstances of the day may turn adverse the day after. Likewise situations that appear unfavourable may turn positive in due course. Hence, the person may not cultivate an attitude of instant decision making on the basis of circumstances; rather he may keep studying the circumstances with an attitude of patience and neutrality.

Three Useful Tips

Sometimes a garrulous braggart is not as dangerous as the silent, reticent person.Do not be afraid of life’s ups and downs; rather, turn these situations into the means/cause / purpose of growth and transform your life into gold. Keep smiling at every turn in lie, and none can triumph over you. Even a moment’s sorrow can become the cause of death of your exalted life.


Salutation is an important aspect of life. When we offer obeisance, it is imperative that discretion is exercised as to whom when and how it is done. By this act of bowing, radical transformation of life is possible. The very first tenet of our spiritual discipline and religious worship is obeisance. Every religious ceremony commences with ‘namaskar mantra’ (paying obeisance, to the chanting of mantras) or with ‘tikkhuto’ (that is, utterance and gestures of salutation)

The Moment of Importance

A strong warrior does not flee the field of battle. He takes up the front. His efforts are ever afoot to embrace the god of victory. Likewise, in those moments of agitation of mental tendencies, the spiritual aspirant must stand his ground with resolution and strength. A momentary heedlessness at that point in time can prove disastrous for the soul. For, just one setback can weaken a person’s resolve. Summoning up that will to get back to battle-array may take quite a while. And without will power, it is impossible to take command.

Hence, be unremittingly awake when the mind is in a state of disturbance. Like, in times of emergency, the army is up to some manoeuvre. This kind of vigilance and determined resolution can triumph in moments of the most dreadful mental convulsion. Once you post a victory, the mind already becomes strong. Amazing capabilities awaken in the mind, such as cannot be imagined all of a sudden; however, for its attainment, as the experience of the wise testifies, you should ever be alert. Only then can the moment of crisis be identified. As to when that moment can rear its head, none can say.

The Devil Dance of Tendencies

The untoward tendencies of the soul do not sprout all of a sudden, rather as layers of impressions (sanskaras) are formed, they swell. Like an offender committing an offence: to begin with he has trepidation and fear, but once he tastes success, he is emboldened. Eventually, he earns the appellation of a notorious criminal. Likewise, the faculty of discernment of the soul is all but lost. In that state, the inner light dims. What remains is the devil dance of tendencies. Hence, before the unholy tendencies take hold and accumulate, the person ought to become vigilant. Not just vigilant; rather, he may expiate the unholy tendencies by cultivating the plants of pious tendencies and generating a clean, oxygenated atmosphere, and lighting the lamp of discernment of the soul thereby illuminating the soul. 

I hope you got to know the connection of life with silence.

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