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Life Moments And Energy: Sound of Silence Part-5

In this blog we will learn about how to live life moments and how energy affects it. The flow of energy is an essential part of living a healthy life. You can read it previous parts on- SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE and SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE Part-2, SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE Part-3, SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE Part-4

Life Moments And Energy: Sound of Silence Part-5

Flow of Energy And Moments of Life

The body made radiant by penance is active, whereby electric current flows through it, which is a kind of energy. If this energy is rightly harnessed, it becomes a major part of the process of karmic destruction. Also, if not harnessed in the right manner, it turns into a monsoon river that breaks barriers and assumes proportions of a deluge, which can be destructive. It is expressed in the form of anger, pride and so on. If the energy that is manifested is utilized in the process of self-purification, it can unravel many knots, in much the same way as harnessed electricity is useful to mankind. As a result, that energy awakens the centres of consciousness, and removing the taint of karma from the soul, imparts it pure effulgence.

The Cycle of One’s Own Nature (swabhav), Filip to Sensuality (Vibhav), and Conduct

The ‘chakraratna’ of the sovereign Bharat does not enter the arsenal, for his real brother is independent. Ninety eight brothers have joined the order. Bahubaliji is loath to accept his suzerainty. Bharatji does not want to wage a war with his brother, but does fight for honour. No sooner does he post a victory over his real brother than the ‘chakra’ enters the arsenal.

In our soul reside, together like real brothers, the Bharat of virtuous ‘swabhav’, and the Bahubali of ‘Vibhav’. Thanks to the clasp of karma, both ‘swabhav’ and ‘vibhav’ hold together like brothers born of the same womb. Also, thanks to the self-same clasp of karma, ‘swabhav’ shies away from battle with the brother of a ‘vibhav’. At the bidding of the god of discretion, ‘’vibhav’ is given a battle. The moment ‘vibhav’ withdraws; the control of ‘swabhav’ is established. The cycle of conduct stations in the soul, this cleanses the centres of ‘kashay-atma’ and ‘yoga- atma’, and manifests as pure soul substance.

Knowledge that is Manifest and Knowledge that is accumulated

You have a bottle of medicine whereon the formula is imprinted. A person reads it and gets to know. Another person is the manufacturer of medicine; he has used chemicals to prepare medicine. Both have knowledge of medicine. But the knowledge of one who has experimented with chemicals to prepare medicine is fully established, for he has full faith in it. On the other hand, the first fellow cannot bring himself to have full faith in his knowledge. Likewise, the knowledge acquired by revelation is manifest in us, whereas the knowledge from formulae is a stored one. One is inherent in oneself, and the other with him. From the viewpoint of grammar, the first type of knowledge qualifies as the sixth post-position whereas the second type would conform to the
definition of the seventh post-position. Hence, the knowledge that is revealed is the one that manifests self- effulgence.

Principles of Acupressure System

When did the acupressure system originate? It is not known as to when it gained currency, but when we study ancient Jain literature in depth, it appears that principles of acupressure are present therein. When a spiritual aspirant who had reached a state of deeper meditation (mahaprana, dhyan sadhana, Samadhi) was to be awakened, when he had to be brought back into external environment, his toe was pressed. We have been hearing of this in stories about body movement. But when we think why it was the toe that was pressed, how is it related to deeper states of meditation, we may know that principle of acupressure underlies this thought. Ida- Pingala (nerves) join in the toe. The switch of pineal gland is in the toe. The switches of several centres of our meditation are held in the toe.

A person may think what is all this about. How can it happen? But it is not infeasible. Even today, bulb may be in one place and the switch even when placed at a considerable distance, can turn the bulb on and off. Our toes are similar. Likewise is the research on them, it is acupressure system. It is a system linked to
our body and our spiritual discipline.

Compare Yourself

Beware! When you come into power, you have merited a good opportunity to serve through that means. On the contrary, if you get trapped in praise that is pleasing to the ear, it may be create a situation lethal to your life. Those who praise cannot stop when you ask them to. Hence, whenever words of praise fall on your ears keep comparing whether my position matches with what is being said. If not, seek motivation there from to root out your weaknesses and attain to that state. This fortifies the soul and keeps you from being trapped in the maze of praise.

Moments of Storm

Passion is a kind of force, a storm. When its tide sweeps a person, his actions become beastly. Just as an animal chases the concerned object to gratify his passion, so also the person forgets his honour and dignity and starts raving. Vanity makes him swoon. In such moments, on who restrains himself becomes a great man. As to what happens to things committed to storm is well-known; a similar fate awaits the man who yields to the force, the storm of passion. It is hard to imagine the extent to which he may plummet.
Hence, be careful in the moments of storm.

I hope this help you create happy moments of life and boosted your energy.

Happy reading!

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