Microsoft power apps: Know everything about it

In this blog I will tell you everything about Microsoft power apps.


First of all we will review what we are going to learn throughout this blog

So in First section we will talk about office 365 and I’ll tell you how to setup an office 365 account

And then moving on to the next section we will talk about the menus we will cover

  1. Menu and interface
  2. Home
  3. Learn
  4. Apps
  5. Create
  6. Data
  7. Flows
  8. AI Builder
  9. Solutions

And at last we will see the conclusion or the summary of the blog.

Office 365: Microsoft Power Apps

How to setup an office 365 account

Step 1

Open your browser

Step 2

Go to

Step 3

Click on for business

So now you can see there are couple of plans there

They have the office 365 business plan the business premium  plan and then the business essentials plan

Okay so now what I will do is I want to see options for enterprise and then I am going to sign up for the most expensive one office 365 E which is Enterprise five and we are going to try for free.

You get a 30 day free trial with this one so we will try for free

And now what we are going to do is we are going to type our email address

Go ahead type your email address in there

Ok and then I guess it is going to say looks like you need to create a new account

Setting Up An Account

So lets get started I’ll set up an account

Just type Your first name and last name and they will ask you for your business phone number now they will ask your company name type your company name there if you don’t have one just type your name now they will ask your company size you have to fill you can fill anything depends upon you select the country now click on next

So now you have to prove that you are not an robot okay so you can see your phone number there and you have 2 option to get your verification code either a call or a text message on your number now check the verification code and put your code there and click on verify and now to set up your account you will need an domain name

So you will probably want a custom domain name for your business at some point

For now choose a name for your domain use in on so just type your business name and check the availability if it is not available try adding some numbers and check again and then click on next and now what we are going to do is we are going to create your user ID and password to sign in your account so just type your name and your login ID will be yourname@domain

Like I put my domain as so my ID will be

Now create password and confirm password

Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Now at the right side you can see the benefits

You will get unlimited personal cloud storage with call find plans E-mail hosting with 100 gb mailbox online and desktop version of office applications and a free fast track deployment support with 150+ seats

And yes you will get 25 licenses with a 30 day free trial.

So now we will click sign up it can take some couple of minutes please do not refresh the page Now after sign in it will show you the link of your sign in page and your user ID save that info for later

You can save it anywhere in your notepad or anywhere you want

Now just go to set up. So it is going to take us to the portal and now you can see you have office 

So connect a domain you already own or continue using your domain name showing there

Therefore, for right now just use that and click next Now you have 24 licenses available you can add users if you want if you don’t want to add any just hit the next and then finally it says install your office apps

Now just click next and then we are going to go on Admin centre

So there at the left top corner you can see all the apps and we should have power apps and flow which is the one we are looking for.

Now there are so many apps that are available you can check them out.

Menu and the Interface

So now we will talk about the menu and the interface

First of all go to the home page you can see the menu at the left side of the screen

At the home button you can see the templates start from data and then apps that we have built

Now the next menu is learn so we have the guided learning help topics community what’s new you can also see all the blog post.

We have apps which are apps that I have put together and tested

Create which we can create camera apps from the blank model-driven app from the blank portal from blank or we can start from templates so there is a whole bunch of templates there when you scroll down so we have all then offers the two different categories for that.

Then we have data, flows, AI builder and then solutions okay so that is the menu and interface.

I hope this was helpful for you to learn about Microsoft power apps.

Happy reading!