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Nature’s Love: Sound Of Silence Part-9

Nature has its own importance and reasons to love. Let’s discover how nature plays a role in one’s life and embrace it with love. Let’s discuss nature’s love. You can read our previous blogs on it- Life and Ageing: Sound Of Silence Part-8

Nature's Love: Sound Of Silence Part-9

If you would be great

It is neither post nor position or for that matter knowledge, that makes a person great or small. Rather the standard of greatness is conducted. How balanced is one’s conduct, how proper, how ethical, would tell great from small. But that greatness is relative to smallness. If the one who is great seeks to put down the one who is small, he no longer remains great. Hence, one who aspires to remain great ought to always protect the ones who are small. He should ever be concerned about their welfare. Only then can he continue to be great.

Parental Love is Reciprocal

Sometimes a person thinks that he does not receive ‘vatsalya’ (or, parental love) from a particular person. Should I get a sense of that intimacy, of that ‘vatsalya’, I can accomplish a lot. But parental love is reciprocal. There ought to be one on the receiving end too. A mother has parental love for her son. It is an indication of that love that her breasts flow with milk which, though, is post-parturition. The flow just isn’t there before. Until the son is born, milk if any in the breast cannot be used. Hence, in order to savour the feelings of parental love, one ought to be a son. The wise have exhorted the disciple to become one with the Guru while paying obeisance so that he may assimilate the Guru’s ‘vatsalya’.

Eyes should be Divine

We want to know the truth. We want to behold the truth. This is a sublime thought, though this would hardly get us face-to-face with the truth. In order to glimpse the truth, you need eyes attuned to it. In the absence of appropriate eyes, it is difficult to envision the truth. Truth is in our hearts, but envy and illusion to have taken hold there. Both these have enveloped the truth. Hence, to meet truth face-to-face, let the divine eyes open, such as would pierce the veil of envy and illusion, and get a peek inside.

The Blemish is done away with

The 5-day Yoga Discipline Camp commenced today. Dr. Purohit of Ratlam provided training in yogic processes. A lot of discussions took place with the doctor on yoga asanas and pranayam. We got acquainted with varied opinions as regards asanas, and about research on the subject. No asana other than shavasan may be practiced after shirsasan. If an asana is wrongly done, the contrary asana ought to be practiced immediately so that the wrong effects of the earlier asana are neutralized. If there is some lapse in the conduct of our life, the reversing action, or ritualized confession (pratikraman) and seeking of forgiveness if done instantly would serve to nullify the blemish of that practical act.

Flowing Downwards

A preponderance of people goes with the flow, no matter how enlightened they might be.

Take the Ganga Forward- Nature’s Love

About the Ganga that is sourced to the Himalayas, it is said that Lord Shiva caught it in his matted hair (or, ‘jata’), and then redirected its flow in a narrow stream so that it could be useful to humanity. The shrut –Ganga ( the scriptural Ganga) gushing forth from the Himalayan Bhagwan Mahavir was ‘caught’ by the Ganadhars ( original disciples of Bhagwan Mahavir), who in turn, for the welfare of earthly beings, directed its flow in different streams so that every person could, in accordance with his liking,, bathe in that Ganga of knowledge, and purify himself. In this sense, we are hugely indebted to the ‘Ganadhars’.

The present text is ascribed to Arya Sudharma Swami. It was his endless compassion that he strove unrelentingly to reach it to us. The earlier Acharyas too have had their share of contribution. We too must have that aim, that alacrity to take this Ganga (of a scripture) forward.

The Exhilaration of “Sadhana’ (or, Spiritual Discipline)

‘The duration of nocturnal ‘sadhana’ passed amid a state of exhilaration. Swimming and no water.

Peruse and Practise

  1. A move ought to be initiated now to practice whatever has thus far been studied by way of principles.
  2. Self-confidence is essential, but aham-manyata (egoism) is fatal.
  3. Acknowledge your gratitude to those from whom cooperation has been forthcoming, be it ever so little.
  4. Even a dash of ego would make for ‘anatmabhav’ (soul-less-ness).

Nature’s Mystifying Experiment- Love

Kaluji’s initiation ceremony is just an excuse. I believe that Nature craved an experiment and revered Acharya Dev wanted that experiment crystallized. The experiment was about my being peripatetic independently. So that exceptions, such as they are, might get canceled of their own accord. And I gain in self-confidence. It is just possible that Acharya Dev entertained similar thoughts and, under the pretext of Kaluji’s initiation, he set me wandering. Else, why not at Nokha or elsewhere? Next, there is a deeper mystery underlying it, which has been glimpsed from Acharya Dev’s natural state, but one that can be unveiled only at the appropriate time. As for the present, there is hardly time to divulge it.

Symbols of the Protective Spirit

The word ‘kshatra’ is used in the sense of protection. ‘Nakshatra’ (or, constellation) signifies gods, dwelling in the skies (nabha), and protecting from above. Out of 28 constellations, the constellation ‘Abhijeet’ hardly reckons as one, with the remaining 27 though operating as a constellation. Now, each constellation has four parts (or, ‘charan’). That would add up to a tally of 108 parts. These are formed into 12 signs. They also constitute the basis of nomenclature. On the same lines, a rosary would have 108 beads, and this too would symbolize the spirit of protection.

I I hope you discovered how essential nature’s presence fills our life with love.

Happy reading!

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