On running: The 20 Minutes Speed Run

The 20 minute speed run OK this is a really nice one I call it the 20 minutes On running.


This is a technique you can use when you have to do some task and you really don\’t want to do it.

This can be the case if you don\’t know how to do it or you know how to do it but you just don\’t want to do it.

Good example is cleaning up or polishing your shoes. I do not want to do this But I really usually don\’t want to stop this task. And in the office maybe you have a complicated project and you know for the next step you have to find some emails, maybe two emails and read these emails again because you have to remember the last step and it\’s really nasty and uncomfortable.

I have that sometimes that I know OK I have to stop but I don\’t want to.

And I think all of us know that problem and also most don\’t know how to deal with that.

So they just postpone it.

They say it is nice I can read my emails first.

I have to drink coffee first and then I can start out. I have a different task and I stopped then.

So you postponed the tasks because you have that feeling of blurriness.

I really don\’t know what that is.

And so I\’m a bit scared of that task and I\’m sure you also know that once you have started and then you say wow that was only 30 minutes of work and why I ended up postponing it for four weeks.

You know I had this eye opening experience for myself when I really had a task it had to do with finding errors in a very very complicated I.T. environment and I really didn\’t know where to start or where to stop.

And it was so complicated for me.

What should I do first?

And I really was a bit scared.

And I said OK I\’ll do it tomorrow OK I\’ll do it tomorrow. OK do it tomorrow.

And then finally I did it and then I learned two things.

Number one.


Firstly, that was only 30 minutes.

Why was I so skated number two oh I postponed that for four weeks a whole month that task was unresolved because I was so scared and I had more important things to do.

And I could just have done it.

So for these things when I know there are some hurdles, something that stops me from doing that when I have that feeling I should do it but I don\’t do it then.

Good technique for on running

A very good technique is to run 20 minutes and run what you need a timer.

What I like. I like analog time like a sand clock at Kitchen time or something like that.

So, All they have is a nice time on the Internet.

There\’s a site called onlinestopwatch.com

They have a timer which looks like a bomb for example and you see how it burns down and after 20 minutes it can explode. They are also famous for arrow time or dot com or you can just use the timer on your cell phone and you say OK.

So, now I will work exactly 20 minutes on that topic no matter what I just do it without thinking I will do it 20 minutes.

Now then you start the time off.

And I would recommend not more than 20 minutes because it\’s extremely hard to concentrate more than 20 minutes on something you don\’t like 20 minutes.

It\’s no problem when you\’re in freefall.

But more than 20 minutes is hard.

And it seems like Mt. Everest if you say I work one hour one hour.

When I was like that a lot.

You have to be really trained and really trained and focusing to say I work one hour on a task.

I don\’t like or I don\’t understand.

Please set the timer on 20 minutes and then you just start to say OK 20 minutes and then you\’ll see

that time a tick tock tick tock you see oh it\’s going down you see the bump so you see the end and then

you have the feeling I have to wrap.

I have only 20 minutes and then it becomes a little bit like a game say how much can I do in this 20

minutes will I beat the clock.

Something like that.

And then you take a piece of paper and start drawing the people.

And what do I have to do?

What is the next step?

What did he say last time?

And then you will be amazed how quick sometimes you know what to do before you start to worry.

You are already into the details.

In my example I would be in the system already in that complicated I.T. system and then it\’s really

starting to make fun actually.

And the rule of for 20 minutes betweenness after 20 minutes I can quit without any bad feelings.

And then I can do OK maybe I do the next 20 minutes be drawn today in the afternoon or tomorrow but

at least I did something for 20 minutes and I know something more.

And of course what\’s really interesting in many cases after this I would say after 15 minutes you are already

in the flow mode.

That is so fascinating.

You start and you walk and you walk and you say OK for only 20 minutes.

I had to hurry up now and then after 15 minutes you\’re in the flow and you don\’t even look at that watch


And if bell doesn\’t ring you don\’t even realize that sometimes or as you say OK now that I\’m working

on it I will do another 20 minutes and sometimes another 20 minutes and then that feeling is so good

to tackle these problems.

And if you do only 20 minutes.

Also on.

No problem.

You will feel better.

Moreover, I guarantee you after 20 minutes the method is called the 20 minutes between and you use it usually for tasks you don\’t like or that are unclear to you.

And sometimes I use that when I\’m just tired.

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