Online Business: Build your own brands

In this blog I\’m going to be showing you how to build your own brands and products leveraging the power of So over the past decade I\’ve tried and tested pretty much every single online business model whereas now I\’ve dealed into all types of opportunities I\’ve tried all forms of advertising or methods of business building.


So based on that I can tell you that selling products on where any of the Amazon web sites is by far the easiest way of making money that I\’ve ever come across. And that\’s why I\’ve decided to write a blog that I\’m building my various businesses on Amazon myself. You know I thought it would be a really good opportunity to teach others how to do it.

To whom I refer here?

So who is this blog for. Well primarily it\’s going to be particularly useful for three sets of people. Firstly those who are looking for a proven way to make money working from home. It doesn\’t matter whether you are already doing some type of opportunity or whether you\’ve never done anything at all, it\’s definitely suited to you.

Secondly people who are already selling physical products on Amazon and want to discover ways to boost rankings traffic and sales in a very short space of time.

And thirdly it\’s also going to be useful for people who already have an ecommerce business.

How to achieve success in online business?

Maybe you know have an actual website selling physical prologues or even any other form of online business and they want a way to expand out you know to increase their revenue and profits. And it\’s easy to do that leveraging MSM. So the first thing I want to say or rather the second thing I want to say is that I\’ve always found that he based on what I\’ve had success with and failures with in the past I felt that if I follow a certain set of rules I always end up being successful and I want to run through those rules with you now.

So Thoroughly having a great brand name is crucial in building a business. You want a great brand name and you also want the main name and preferably a one word dot com. So you want to go into a market where you can offer products and services in a variety of other formats so you can cross-sell them. So either you are the services to the current customers.

Also I think it\’s also better to have like a smaller number will create a smaller number of very high quality products which are presented exceptionally well versus have a lot of Skewes have a lot of different products and really be known to have to diversified. We also want to have definitely focus on having very good customer service customer service that you want to treat your customers like gold.

Difficulty in growing traffic

Now this is very important. And if you\’ve ever tried to build a business before in line or you\’ve had a Web site so you know how difficult getting traffic is getting business and getting exposure. I mean there\’s so much competition out there now really doesn\’t matter what market read.

And by selling your products on a platform like Amazon that already has traffic in boys is much easier to start with you know and again versus Segre and Web sites and trying to do as you know trying to paperclip cats and social media marketing etc. and oversee all of that is part of this as well but you know selling something on Amazon you want to make sales because if you make sales they make money is definitely better and it\’s a much better platform to start off on them than than anything else and you can get going and start making money extremely quickly.

Final rule-

The final rule is any ad money or any traffic strategy strategies that you employ. You know you really always want to know what you\’re doing. Send people to your website first and rather to you know whether it\’s products on Amazon or products you know somewhere else you want to get people to a Web site and you want them to get on to you want to get onto an email list and so you can market to them as a late date so you can release a new product.

You know you can send them notifications. You can make sales instantly if you have an email list. So you really definitely want to focus on building up a list. So that\’s the final rule.

Hence, really have a great brand name. Go into a market where we can offer products or services and a variety of formats have very high quality products rather than lots of products that have attentive customer service Selam platforms that already have buyers. You don\’t have to look for Bazile yourself to spend any money on any promotional efforts building up an email list.

Important points to ponder for online business

Now the next important points I wanted to mention are the following. So based on what I\’ve done in the past I know now that it\’s incredibly important to focus your energies into one thing, one proven market to begin with and not be too diversified. I mean diversification is obviously important but to begin with it\’s really really focused on one thing once that\’s making money then you can think about other things as well but focus on one thing to begin with also.

And again speaking from experience I don\’t think you can build the next Facebook Twitter or Dropbox working from home because the reality is you know you can\’t and you know these the services and products you know have had huge you know venture capital put behind them. You know they employ hundreds thousands of people. It\’s much better to focus on sales and making money and profits and cash in a bank first rather than you know I spent two years working on a big project because within most here is something you know technology might change and you know other things have come along and the market changes things go out of fashion.

So don\’t try to do anything too big just keep it simple to begin with and just focus on money rather than sort of dreams as such. Build your online business now.


I just wanted to run through the five stages for general said just now and they are market research. Amazon creates your brand logo and marketing material creating actual products and getting that manufactured and launching products on Amazon and optimizing your product listing on Amazon and then driving traffic and doing additional promotion to your product listing you know to start making money etc.. And obviously, you have to group that through your website like I was saying in order to set up email subscribers and then once you have your product you know you\’re making sales and you add more products to that brand and then you expand out and create more brands and really build an empire.

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Happy reading!