Presentation Tips To Remember: Part-1

What are the goal of your presentation and your speech?
I really mean any time you are speaking to two or more people and sometimes even one and it is not just idle chit chat, it is not just at the water cooler talking about last night\’s game. You are trying to communicate something very specific.


So the first thing you have got to do if you want to be an effective speaker you have got to have a specific goal.
It is like that in any other aspect of business or in life you are not going to succeed unless you have something specific in mind. It cannot be just getting through it alive or not looking like a fool that is too low of an ambition. So you need to have a specific goal in mind. It could be getting that sale, getting that contract, getting hired, getting budget approval.

What is it you want people to actually do coming up to you afterward asking for your car for more information about your service or your product or your business getting funding for your startup. What is your goal you need to have a very very clear sense of exactly what your goal is then and only then can you figure out what to say? Ok so let me just cut to the chase the number one problem every single one has everywhere in the world.

The problem many of us do in our presentation

The number one mistake everyone makes is they dump way too much data in the speech. Their presentation is sort of here is everything I know on this topic here is everything we have done for the last quarter. Here is every sales figure for every week for the last two years. Here is a PowerPoint with 29 bullet points per slide and it is 72 slides. So if you want to just hop right up to the advanced level now and not spend years and years and years of trial by air all you have to do is one thing and that is eliminate the massive massive massive amount of data most people try to convey in their speech.

Things you should follow

Here is what I recommend brainstorm what every single message point you would like to convey this audience then put it in priority and narrow it down to the top five now I am a big believer that any time you are giving a speech you should really focus on just five key ideas five messages. Just have a trial on yourself how many amazing speakers do you remember and now can you tell me how many messages do you actually remember from this fantastic speaker.

Sometimes people remember one message he usually two sometimes three every once in a while someone will remember four messages and once every six months someone will remember five messages from the best speaker they have ever seen that year or perhaps their lifetime. So that is why I urge you to focus on just five-point