Public Speaking: A Complete Introduction

There is a well-said quotation by Akshit Choudhary(me) which will make you fall for public speaking and the quotation is

“With the power of speaking you can win any one\’s heart and you can make the best impression in front of everyone. the person with mic is always the star of the event.”

Akshit Choudhary

Many times in our school seminars or when a teacher calls us for reading a book or speak on a topic for 2 minutes many students fail to speak and many of them speak very well. This is all because of stage fear. Many of us have stage fear and many of us don\’t have. If you do not have such fear then it is well and good but if you can not stand up and speak in front of people effectively and confidently then you can not communicate your ideas, you have power but you are unable to use that power.

How to get power of Public Speaking

To get the power you need to make your mindset very strong, you need to start speak your mind up just start speaking.

You can start speaking with your friends and family and before speaking you have to get full knowledge of what you are going to speak.

Where to get knowledge of what you will speak?

To speak well in front of the public the very first thing you should do is get full knowledge of what you will speak and for that, you have to develop a habit of reading because only and only reading books and blogs or anything you can gain knowledge.

So the very first step you should take is start reading or improve your reading habits first.

What\’s next?

Now while you are developing your reading skills start doing rehearsal, now you might be thinking which type of rehearsal we need to do for speaking better so the very first thing you should do is whatever you have learned by reading books or blogs or whatever knowledge you have gained from reading just start sharing your knowledge.

You can share your knowledge with your siblings or you can share your knowledge with your friends or even you can share it with your family members. When you do this process of reading and sharing your knowledge automatically your fear of speaking in public or your stage fear will decrease and you will be able to boost up your confidence.

Mirror Practice

Now the next step after building up your confidence you need to start practicing yourself and for that, you can do mirror practice. A question might arise in your mind that what is this mirror practice? So the answer to your question is you need to stand in front of the mirror and start giving a speech on any topic that you have learned with this what will happen is you will build so much of confidence also you can see and improve your facial expression and you can even work on your tone.

Last step of Public Speaking

After doing all the above steps the very first thing to do is start speaking in front of less audience and for that i suggest you to participate in open mics and get your fear of stage and fear of speaking move out of your way.

I hope this blog help you in removing your fear of speaking your stage fear and helps you up in building your confidence