Python 3.8: A Complete introduction

Python 3.8 is the fastest-growing language.


In what terms Python 3.8 is fastest growing language:

In terms of numbers of developers using it.

Also In terms of the number of libraries we have.

In terms of the number of companies using it.

In terms of area, you can implement it.

When we talk about machine learning, GUI, software development, web development you can use it everywhere and that’s why it is also called as a general-purpose language

What is python?

As we can say that python is a programming language but it is also interpreted object-oriented & high-level language. It also supports procedural oriented programming depends upon your purpose

Why python is so famous compared to other languages?

We have C, C++, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, and still, python is famous, now some people say that python is a new language, but not exactly if we talk about java, so JAVA came in picture in 1995 and python came in 1989 so it\’s way before java. So the reason behind this is that python is the easiest language or we can say that it is a beginner-friendly language, it is much easier than C, C++ & JAVA.

Python 3.8 installation

We have to install a Python interpreter.
What is the work of a python interpreter?
So python interpreter will convert our code to binary code. So when we are working on real software’s so at that time our cade is little complex we will not add 2 numbers or print hello world and all those stuff, suppose you have to build your own Facebook, or calculator or something big so in that scenario, we will be using something called IDE which stands for Integrated Development Environment.

What it means is this is the place where you will write your code this is the place where you will run the code this is where you will debug it and this is important there should be an option of debugging because in our projects, of course, there will be a lot of bugs and you will need to debug it so it will help us in different ways so it’s better to use IDE when you work on the project. So we will need 2 things python interpreter and IDE.
So which IDE we should use

When we see there is so many IDE in the market so one of my favorite IDE is Pycharm.
So first we will install python interpreter and then Pycharm3

To download and install python 3.8 interpreter

Step-1:- Open Google and search for python download.
Step 2:- Go to the official website of python which is
Step 3:- Go to downloads and download the latest version of python also you can download the older version available there and it will take some time depends on your internet speed. The size of the python interpreter is approx. 25mb
Step 4:- After the download completes open the setup and click on install python and complete the installation process.

Now to see or to verify that python is working or not so go to the windows search option and search python you will see python so you can go to that or you can open IDLE where you can also write your code.
So we will open Python3.8 and a prompt type window will get open.
And type the simple code suppose 2+3 and press the enter you will get the result 5. So our python is working.

Now to download Pycharm

Step 1:- Open Google and search Pycharm.

Step 2:- Open its official site which is

Now Step 3:- Click on download and you will see 2 versions professional and community the professional one is paid so we will go for a community

Step 4:- Now click on download under community and install Pycharm now run Pycharm.
So moving on we will start with the actual stuff,
So if you remember we have installed 2 things one is python IDLE and another is Pycharm.

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