Python Programming: Introduction to Coding Language

Welcome to this blog where you learn about Python programming.


If you have no little intermediate programming experience, we must say this blog is for you.

It is a programming language for every general purpose.

In other words, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Barton is one of the most preferred languages for beginners.

This is because a lot of these keywords are similar to English.

And it is also very powerful or robust.

It is used by several top organizations such as Space X, Google Unpicks and so on.

It was developed by Du Do Van Rowson in the late 1980s.

The two main visions of python are available, which are python 2 and python 3.

However, this course will only focus on point to entry as this is the most popular vision of Python.

You\’ll be able to take this course at your own pace and after that you\’ll be able to build some useful program.

Downloading Python 3

To download Python 3, go to

Click on downloads. Make you download the version for your PC type (Linux, Mac OS or Windows)

Download the Python Installer and then install Python to Computer.

You can also use other code editors such as Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, PyCharm, PyDev or Anaconda.

Navigating Python 3 IDLE

So here, we\’ll be exploring Python Idol and Python Idol is the default idea for Python.

And if you don\’t know what it means, it means integrated development environment.

So it may seem like a complex word, but basically it\’s where we do our coding.

So we have several over a year so we can just decide to try out some few things.

We get DSR outputs you might use as a default on my screen is a bit different to your fonts because you just installed Python.

So in order to change your phones and your idol, you gotta to let me do that one more time.

You got two options.

Either you click on configurator, you can say to change fonts using font fees.

You can set change the size of your font.

However, you can indent it, you can de intend it.

You can even say to my keyboard, you can set to change your indentation.

But I advise you, not since for spaces is the standard indentation, which you may not know when the decision is right now, but as you go further along in the course, you will.

So you click on Apply and then click on okay.

Hence, potential is very good for any multiline could you can decide to use your print statement.

So your print function.

Hello world, so that you could you get hello world as output.

A simple program

As you advance in python programming, you\’ll be writing multiline code, so that is when you have to use New file.

So New file allows you to write multi-line could, for instance.

And that\’s why I\’m going to do it now.

So I can decide to print “hello fellow students.”

“Welcome to this course”, then I can also decide to run it, you can run you could by either going to do you run option and clicking on Run or simply pressing for the function key on your keyboard.

So in order to run a module, you have to save it in your PC.

So I\’m going to save it as real test since I already have another first test and then you\’re going to get your output.

Install and Setup PyCharm for python programming

You can also follow our blog – Python 3.8: A Complete introduction

We\’ve looked at IDLE in our last classes. However, we will be using a different IDLE in this course which is PyCharm.

In order to install PyCharm you will use the link below:

If you are using PyCharm for the first time, you need to understand how to set it up so here is the link to the official documentation:

You can decide to use other code editors such as Anaconda, Visual Studio Code or Notepad++ whichever you use is fine. I personally view PyCharm as the best.