Rational emotive behavioral therapy

Hi everybody and welcome to Advanced Ideas presentation of Transform Your Life with Rational emotive behavioral therapy.


REBT stands for rational emotive behavioral therapy. Anytime you have a thought that is you attacking you or you making you feel bad … you\’ve lost your mind. You\’re insane. You\’re not rational. When you\’re having rational thoughts … you always feel great.

Rational people work in their own best interest, right?

More on that later. Emotive ….you use your rationality to change your emotion. \”Emote\” is a big fancy clinical term.

It means to have emotional behavior. When you change your thinking … you change your emotions … and that changes your behavior. Therapy is simply a system for getting well, getting better, and excelling in life. So, it\’s a legitimate shortcut.

So why is REBT great?

I think this is the best thing in the entire world. Every single person needs this skill. Why?

It\’s literally the science of how your mind works. How can you get through life if you don\’t even know how your mind works. Hence, this is a number one the biggest tool you have in your tool chest for being successful in any area of your life.

It\’s your mind in fact you can\’t do the slightest thing without it but you were never given an instruction manual. This is insane. My hair dryer came with a twelve page manual. It\’s even got additional instructions on the cord but my brain, the largest and most sophisticated collection of matter in the known universe, the most complicated thing that exists has no instruction manual. That\’s insane.

So how can we be successful in life when we don\’t even know how to use our primary tool. In reality we can\’t. That\’s why most people flounder and most people struggle. You have lucked upon this. You are going to have skills that ninety nine point five percent of people will never be exposed to. So you can have a huge unfair advantage in life and you\’re going to feel fantastic. Why?

Because you are going to have greater emotional control, greater mental control and be able to tap into your full resources and your full abilities in life. Think about it. Control of the mind is virtually control of everything. That\’s my gift to you.

Therefore, this is gonna be transformational now for people that are having challenges in life. They get it. Anxiety depression or they\’re just trying to get past bad habits. This is a 96 percent success rate. I put a caveat in here when applied when you use it becomes effective when you do right you have to use it.

How often does a hammer work right. Hundred percent of the time when you use it 0 percent the time when you don\’t. So Ari Beatty is the same way. Now why isn\’t it a hot 100 percent. Well it\’s pretty close but there\’s some things that will get into your unconscious mind. So if you have a really long period of anxiety and even depression sometimes a lot of that will sink down into your subconscious and you have to use a secondary technique to get rid of it. But hey ninety six percent better is not bad right. So there\’s additional tools out there that can help you in life. Obviously this isn\’t the only one but man is it ever successful.

Now there\’s a lot of different psychological theories out there in schools of psychology. But the funny thing is at the point where they actually work about 95 percent of them always come back to REBT.

So this is the most direct route to getting better and tapping into all the resources of your mind. Now here\’s what I love. It can be applied by you. A lot of people think oh I don\’t want to go into therapy because they\’re going to get into my business and talk about my mother they\’re going to try to get me to cry. They can make me open up and share all their secrets. This is widely invasive. However, here\’s a therapist that listens to you. I\’m not going to do any therapy with you here. I\’m not here to be your therapist. If you need psychological help please go out and get it. I highly recommend it. Make sure they\’re competent but I highly recommend it. There\’s a lot of great therapists out there.But this is self-help techniques that can be applied by you.

Perfect for the vast majority of people. They\’re not even going to be using it necessarily on emotional stuff. They\’re gonna be using it on habits and skills and those types of things. So the other thing that I love about it is there\’s almost no resistance. You don\’t hide anything from you. For the most part right. So resistance is at an absolute minimum. It\’s also very easy to teach people this. Once you practice it a few times you\’ll get exceptional and it\’s fast, simple and easy. You can use this forever. That\’s beautiful and it\’s great for virtually any disorder, any problem, any challenge you have.

It\’s so multi functional. I absolutely love Rational emotive behavioral therapy!

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