Resume Writing: Points to Ponder on

In this blog, you will learn skills of resume writing. Its key points to make it effective and influencing.


How to write a good resume?

  • Pick a format according to the sections you need.
  • Always mention your contact information, education and work experience.
  • Modify your career objective according to job description.
  • Don’t use outdated statements.
  • Try to mention your accomplishments rather than participations.
  • Read and re-read your resume to catch errors.
  • Save it in a DOCX or PDF format.

What to include when writing it ?

At least your resume must contain your contact information, education, and work experience.

In addition, you can include your area of expertise, skills, and accomplishments with an aimed objective.

You should not write every detail about you. It should be short and simple. The use of complete sentences must be avoided. You must include relevant points only.

You must design your resume according to the job description. Highlight your skills which will make you unique and suitable to do the job. This will attract recruiters’ attention.

Contact information

It contains-

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Location (city, state, zip code)
  • Email
  • LinkedIn profile

You must include phone numbers on which its easy to contact you. Also running mail should be given so they can easily approach you.

Work experience-

This section is the heart of your resume. This must be specified in reverse chronological order.

It includes-

  • Company
  • Job location
  • Your job title
  • Start and end dates


Where to include education section depends how much time passed since you graduated or post graduated. If you are a fresher, this section goes above the work experience. If time passed away then if will go at the end. In this case, your experience contains more priority than your education.

 It mainly includes-

  • Institute Name
  • Degree
  • School Location
  • Year of Passing


You may include skills to reflect your uniqueness. This is not a mandatory section but it can help you to highlight why they must approach you for this profile.

If you include this section, you must also write context to your skill. For example, your level of expertise, years of experience in it, etc.

Awards and Honors-

You can include this as an additional section if required. They must be relevant of course to the job profile. Never include participation areas. Only pertinent honors can include your scope else it can distract them from your qualifications.

How to End your Resume?

It is important to end your resume in a suitable manner, mentioning all relevant details about you.

Career Objective-

This contains your goal. This can be oriented as why you are best for their profile. Many new modern methods have replaced this with career summary statement.

There is a small difference in both of them. As objective suggests your goal while summary statement adds value to the company.


It includes names and posts of two designated people who suggested you to appear for this job interview.

This is not a mandatory section until specified by the company.

How Long a Resume Should Be?

Ideally, a resume should be of one page. Further, it can be extended to two pages if required.

A short and to the point resume is always acceptable. Highlight your important skills and best qualifications.

How to format your resume in best way?

There are many ways to format a resume. It should be well- structured. Choosing the right format will show your skills. Its well-defined format can add a bonus to your application. Every format will serve a specific purpose.

What is the Difference between Resume and CV?

Although, these words are used interchangeably. They are different. A resume is a short document containing your professional abilities. A CV is a list of professional, academic and experiences.

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. It is detailed version of your skills, and includes every little thing. It can be extended to four pages even.

Resume is of one to two pages. It should be tailored in a suitable manner according to the company need. It should always be updated.


Resume is a short description of your talent. A point to point study of your experiences, education, accomplishments.

I hope this will help you write a good resume.

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