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Erosion of trust would imperil the world’s survival. The world subsists on the foundation of trust. If trust breaks, the world cracks up. Let us know the SECRET OF LIFE BY SOUND OF SILENCE


Conquer your Desires

Man is disposed to harboring several desires. It is not that fulfillment of these desires would make for satisfaction. Desires raise their head again and again. It is more likely that desires that arise from strong will power, if not fulfilled, cause an imbalance in the man’s psychological system. Very few persons can retain their composure in such a situation. Buffeted by desires, the mind could go to such extremes, as is difficult even to imagine. Hence, rather than giving way to desires, conquer them. 

Unmatched Enthusiasm

Resolute DeterminationUnparalleled enthusiasm is necessary for the right attitude for spiritual discipline, and that enthusiasm is generated from resolute determination.


Mental capacity surely influences bodily systems. If the mind is focused, it is possible to attain one-pointedness with the mind too.

Still the Storm

A river may wily hilly experience a storm surge; however, a river that is deep and fathomless does not present a terrible sight. It takes in the storm. Similarly, one who knows the secret of life does not let his frenzies and storms peep outside, nor does he kick up tumult outside. Rather, he soaks up those frenzies and storms, and seeking the prop of a calm disposition, keeps his society and life unwavering and sublime.

The icing on the Cake (Sona aur Suhaga, gold and borax)

Should the enthusiasm of youth meld with the guidance and experience of the elderly, every task would warrant the dictum of ‘fragrance in gold”. Now, this is possible on the basis of fellow-feeling.

Secret of Success

One must always show enthusiasm for good tasks. Along with enthusiasm, there should be a dedication to the task concerned in equal measure. The alacrity of thought speech and action must inform the task which we seek to accomplish successfully.

Generation of Hope

Never should a person feel hopeless, despondent, or gloomy. Despair and despondency reduce life to a shambles. A person bereft of hope cannot attain the
peaks of life. If you would experience life in totality, despair should be given the go by for all time. Simultaneously, the generation of hope in life is essential.

Fear of Problems is an invitation to Cowardice

Being afraid of problems is indicative of a person’s weakness/cowardice. Grappling with problems signifies a life of vitality. Problems, misfortunes that come to us do so to impart new wisdom. Adopting this attitude, a man should get to the crux of the problem with fortitude, and neutralize it.
It a man has not experienced the tempest of problems and misfortunes in his life, he has denied himself the lesson and experience they entail. Hence problems must be viewed as part of life.

Social Integrity

If a thorn pricks any part of the body, the entire body experiences pain, similarly, if any part of the society suffers an injury, the social being would surely feel sadness and pain.

Determination of Destination

Before you commence ‘sadhana’ (or, spiritual discipline), determining what you are seeking to attain is essential. Without the object in mind, how can one embark on ‘sadhana’? ‘It means that ‘sadhana’ without a goal is like bulls yoked to a crusher, drudging along, with exertion coming to no avail. Hence, a spiritual aspirant must decide on his goal before embarking on ‘Sadhana’.

Value of time 

For awakening and ‘sadhana’ (or, spiritual discipline), it is necessary that a person observes time discipline. One who is meticulous about punctuality could receive specific indications in his ‘sadhana’. A punctual person can accomplish much more in less time. One who understands the value of time will be a man of clear intellect and sharp wit.

The truth of life 

Without doing away with feelings of pride and of ‘me and mine’, the truth of life cannot be attained.

Sambhav (or, Equanimity)

path of advancement in life is to have equanimity in the face of heart-shattering bitter words. One that traverses this path attains to the highest summit of equanimity which he himself would not he imagined.

The Intellect that Determines Tattva (or, the nine reals)

The logical intellect by itself is not capable of determining the ‘tattva’. The real power of the intellect could take the ‘tattva’ apart, but will not be able to make a real decision. If this intellect can find the support of faith and submission, it can yield the desired result miraculously. Like, a pair of scissors can rip the cloth into bits, but creating a garment that can be worn is not within its ambit. If it gets co-operation or support of the needle, then even the cloth that has been reduced to pieces can acquire the shape of a suitable dress and become useful. Exactly, in the same way, an intellect circumscribed by faith and submission is useful in the determination of tattva’.

Two Aspects of Apathy

Apathy is sometimes understood to mean despondence, but apathy is no aspect of despondence. Apathy is injurious to life but it could also be nurturing. There is an apathy that can cause life to decay, that can sap the life, but another type of apathy can exalt life, and flavor to it.
The former apathy is the shadow of despondence that causes life to wilt. The latter one is the indifference of spiritual persons towards material objects, which brings to them the essence of life.

Let Go of the Hold

In order to transform lives, it is necessary to let go. A person tightens his grip so hard that it assumes the form of a knot. “Knot” here means the permanent form of those impressions (or, sanskaras). It causes agony to the person himself and exasperates others too. He remains dissatisfied with himself. Also, he continues to feel a void within himself. He keeps swinging between despair and despondence. Hence, spiritual aspirants seeking to transform themselves should ensure that the hold arising from lust, anger, and ego does not acquire a permanent characteristic within them. Jettisoning the tendencies born out of ignorance, he should refine himself with pure thoughts.

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