Sedentary Lifestyle: A New Threat to life

In this blog we will see Sedentary Lifestyle: A New Threat to life


When I was a small kid, my grandmother always uses to walk an hour daily. I always asked why you walk this much, you are old now. I always insisted her to take rest avoiding daily chores which I can handle on her behalf but she always does them on her own. That time I didn’t get why she denied it but now I realized it’s all because she wants to stay active. She knew the threats of sedentary life and how one can overcome them.

With the growing age, we are more urged to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. n fact, an anticipated 67% of older adults file sitting for extra than 8 hours in step with day, and best 28% to 34% of adults ages sixty five to seventy four are bodily active, in keeping with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Evelyn O’Neill, manager of outpatient exercising programs at the Harvard-affiliated Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, sees the outcomes of an excessive amount of sitting each day. “Sitting is the brand new smoking in terms of fitness risks,” she says. “Lack of motion is perhaps extra to blame than something for a number of health problems.”

Definition of sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is the one which comprises of less or zero physical work. A person living such type of lifestyle is engaged in laying down, watching television, busy on their phones, socializing, reading books, etc. They are contributing much of their day doing these things. People adopting such lifestyle are actually contributing to their evil health and a reason for cause of death.

The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle can affect your health in many forms at times when you even not recognize. A survey found that prolonged sitting, like watching series for hours, can increment chance of fatal blood clots in the deep veins of legs, also known as venous thrombosis. In fact, there are 70% chances that people opting such habits suffer from such diseases more often as compared to those who do this frequently.

On the other side, an extra movement a day can be a lot impactful. For instance, standing for a long period of time can help you to lose your fat.

Activities that incorporate more of walking and moving in your daily schedule will help you build your limbs or leg muscles, which may even increase your life expectancy. Your strength is your spirit. Researchers found that slower walking can be a consequence in adults who lose their leg muscle strength and mass. This is connected to decrease 10 yr survival charge for people after age 75.

How you can conquer it??

Move more every day

Exercising daily can combat the health risks of sedentary lifestyle. There are many ways to do this, even if you are doing hard on your body and sweating, this also stimulate your muscles or exercise your legs. For example, opting stairs instead of lift to walk two floors can be a part of it.

Focus on your body for at least 30 minutes a day can make you out of this threat. Tou can also divide it in parts according to your schedule. Let me help you in doing so by suggesting some tips for it which can help you move more and more every day. They are:-

 Walk for five minutes each two hours.
Get up and walk around or march in the area all through TV commercials.
Do some units of heel raises, wherein you stand in your toes.
Always stand or walk around while you’re on the phone.
Do a hard and fast or of push-ups towards the kitchen counter.
Use soup cans as dumbbells and do 10 to twenty reps of biceps curls.
Perform up to ten reps of stand-and-sit exercises, wherein you upward thrust from a chair without the use of your palms and then take a seat down again to complete one rep.

Always look for doing more and more physical work in your daily routine. For instance, save some clothes for washing, which will work for your hands. Also, bring your clothes from the terrace after drying can move your legs. Water your plants daily, this can be a peaceful activity too as it will inculcate fresh air in you. Do some odd jobs of your everyday life that can be help for your health.

There are many things to do at home and even at work in your daily life which can make you physically active rather than just pushing your body by doing panic exercises.

Be healthy; be wealthy.

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