Self-discipline and Well-discipline: The Complete Guide

In this blog, we will know that we are in well-discipline but just a zest can make us in self-discipline.


You Can Control Your Actions and Behaviors: Self-discipline

We can call this thing self-discipline, we can call this thing a motivation. We can call it inspiration to do the right thing, we can call it will power. There’s a lot of different terms but it really all boils down to one thing can you control your life, your actions, your thoughts and direct them in a way that you feel is in your best interest not just short term but long term.

Short term it’s going to feel a lot better to eat an entire pint of ice-cream. It is going to feel really good but long term that’s not in your best health, short term. It might feel better to drink three bottles of wine but long term is that it is not the healthiest practice short term. Also it is easier to blow off homework or finishing that assignment for the boss or that important client. But long term that is detrimental to your career. So this is what we are about here today is trying to figure out how can you have the self-discipline. They will power the inspiration the motivation to do what you truly want. Short term and long term to help you, you have the life you want.

Challenge Yourself!

That is the challenge here because you do have the ability to control your actions. It is just that quite often you, and I control our actions in a way that is just about short term gain or short term pleasure or avoiding short term pain or discomfort. We have got to create an alignment between our short term goals and our long term goals and our long term goals and balance out the short term satisfaction and pains in such a way that we are really happy with how we lead our lives on a daily basis. The habits we enact on a daily basis that is what we are about right here.

You Are Already in Well-Discipline, Just Not By Yourself In Self-Discipline

Let’s take a moment to isolate two words self and discipline let’s look at one at a time. The first discipline you and I are already highly disciplined. Now you might be thinking no I am not disciplined but trust me you are well disciplined. If you go to movie theatres and you order a coke and popcorn. You have been disciplined into that habit by the coca-cola corporation and by the theatres who convince you a movie is not a movie without popcorn and a soft drink most likely a coke.

You have been disciplined that way when you go to a restaurant. We are often disciplined to get an appetizer a salad a gigantic entrée that has ten times as many calories as we need to sustain our body and then a dessert that has a thousand times more calories.  We are disciplined to do that when we have a spare moment at the grocery store, at the bathroom, in a meeting.


What we do we are disciplined by Google to check our email. We are disciplined by Facebook to check our status how many people liked our content so you. And I are already highly disciplined action after action every moment of the day. We have been disciplined, we have been molded, we have been controlled by a lot of different forces. You may think oh finally it is eight o\’clock I can relax it’s my time. Yeah, it might be you time me time but Netflix says it’s time for our investors to make more money, let’s get Akshit, or let’s get everyone to spend another couple of hours on Netflix tonight.

Let’s send him emails saying, hey you like this movie everybody who likes this movie is going to like this one. You know when it’s right. They often are not good movies. They know my taste. So they know how to discipline me to get me to take the actions I want. So part of really mastering this concept of self-discipline is to realize you are already highly disciplined it’s about who is going to do it.

Technology And Discipline

Right now major technology and I am not anti-technology. I love technology. I love Facebook and Google and YouTube. But let us face it they have tremendous control over our lives. They are able to discipline us to take the actions they want us to take all day long. Giving us their attention so that we give them money and buy more products from Amazon. And give our eyeballs to advertise on Facebook and Google and on YouTube. And give our wallets and our stomachs to McDonald or some high-end restaurants too. So all day long we are being conditioned to take specific actions and a habitual manner in a disciplined manner.

So we are already disciplined. The question is are we going to do things or we going to fulfill habits on a daily basis to really help our short term interest or our long term interest or we are going to let others do that. The big problem in modern life is there are so many organizations communicating with us putting reminders in front of us putting queues in front of us triggers in front of us to get us to do something that helps reward them. Now we may get a little reward.


The first step in having it get to be yourself. You have to realize that right now you and I and so many others have so much of the rest of our life shaped by corporations and this is not an anti-corporate screed. I’m not anti-technology. I’m not a capitalist but it is what is going on in the world today. We have to use the tools of technology which is what this course is going to do. Empower you to take back control over your life control over your habits because ultimately that will give you the power to have self-discipline.

Happy reading!