Self-Discipline: The Selfie Programming Method

You can program yourself

So I have developed a solution called selfie programming. That\’s what we are going to learn all in this blog that how to gain Self-discipline by method of selfie programming.
The selfie programming has three legs. It is a table with three legs keeping it up, there are three parts of selfie programming. There is the audio portion which I call selfie to speak programming. You simply speak into your own cell phone and recording your own voice.
I will walk you through how to do that shortly.


Next, There is selfie media programming. It is just a fancy way of saying you take a selfie picture of yourself doing the things you want to do.
So, if you are trying to gain more self-discipline on what you eat then take a picture of yourself eating an apple that will remind you to eat more fresh fruit rather than more momos and chocolates.

The final thing is selfie text programming. It is just a simple way of saying like I have a list, you don\’t need any special apps, you don\’t need to go out and buy new books. I am not selling you a journal. I am telling you to Just use your cell phone we will just keep the things simple. So I will simply go to the note section of my phone. I have a whole category for my morning routine habits and my evening routine habits.


These are what keep me in alignment with my own self-discipline goals. So these are the 3 things we will be going through here.
The selfie speaks programming the audio, the selfie media programming the pictures you take which you can turn into a photo album and make it like a mini-movie, and the selfie text programming where you simply write down your goals and use that as a checklist every day to hold yourself accountable.
Together this forms an extraordinarily powerful tool for you to discipline yourself.

The selfie speak program (SSP) And Self-Discipline

Let\’s start the easy way,
There are lots of different ways of influencing behavior
Let\’s start with the simplest and easiest way and that is the Selfie Speak Program(SSP)

What do I mean by that?
I just mean that you just talk to your phone to create a selfie of your own audio and you tell yourself what it is you want your habits to be regarding your self-discipline.

Now let\’s take a step back for a moment and really explain what I am talking about.
You have already read my blog where we discussed how advertising is the most powerful mode of controlling human behavior ever devised. If you have still not read that blog just Read them right now

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Advertising And Self-Discipline

Advertisers around the world have figured it out if you really want to change people\’s habit, The easiest way is to bombard them with messages and triggers on a daily basis.
Audio is the easiest, But the video could be complicated lighting, makeup, bigger cameras, fancy magazines can require special photography skills but the audio is just sound it could be world-class music but it could be just your voice into a cell phone.

Radio advertising works
We don\’t really know that going to a self-help seminar works
We do know that radio advertising work because companies over the last 80-90 years have spent more then a billion trillion rupees on radio advertising every single year hundreds of millions of rupees are spent on radio advertising worldwide. So we know that it works.

Podcasting works and people who listened to it learn a lot and it sometimes changes their behavior. So I want you to think about creating essentially an ad for yourself and you don\’t have to be fancy. You don\’t have to have special music jingles or other things like that. It can be just you talking to yourself.

You can think of it as a podcast for an audience of one that is \”yourself\”. You can think of it as a micro-targeted advertisement just to one person that is \”you\”.
but it needs to be specific to what You want.

You and I have not met yet, so you have specific self-discipline and goals that you want that is unique to you and the beauty of the selfie speaking program is you are all listening to your own voice tell yourself what you want.

How To Do?

Just go to a cell phone go to the voice memo tap the record button start saying \”Akshit you are self-discipline, you are someone who takes responsibility and accountability for every single action you take when you wake up in the morning you start off by drinking one large glass of water you drink just one cup of coffee each day and you will put an extra spoon of sugar in it\”. It depends I love more sugar in coffee.

So like this you could go on. I have a selfie program that is about 15 minute. It covers every aspect of my life how I want to have self discipline in every major part of life.
It is easy to make that, and if you stumble I stumbled a little bit over one of those words. Guess what this is not going out on a tv or a radio or somewhere.
It\’s just for me it\’s my voice you don\’t have to hire a voice-over actor or you don\’t need to know any editing or anything else just use your own voice.

Then first thing in the morning. Typically the best time you listen to the audio and just like radio ads works. If you are driving a car or doing three other things or suppose you are going out for a walk no matter what. Your selfie speak audio will work their too if you have listened to it every day.

Now what I love about the selfie speak audio is it is so simple to make. It doesn\’t matter if you are in your pajamas. Also it doesn\’t matter where you are and if you want to change something hit delete and record new. It is just that simple.


I would say make it as long as you want but as briefly as possible to cover all the categories you want. When it comes to really describe in detail the self-discipline you want to have and that you want to show throughout your typical day or in the typical week. If you can do that in a minute or two do it. If you want to spend 20 minutes that\’s ok too because remember you don\’t have to sit down and concentrate. You can hear it anywhere you want, it can be eating breakfast reading the news. You can do other things anything you want.

Happy reading!