Self-Discipline: Tips To Have The Complete Self-Discipline

The Complete Self-Discipline-Control Your Own Life


Imagine that you have complete self-discipline you need to live the life of your dreams.

The self-discipline to take care of your body by :

  • exercising properly
  • eating the right food on the daily basis
  • controlling your own executive functions.
  • The ability to control yourself to actively learn every day
  • to create to build a proper career of purpose and
  • to build a meaningful relationship.

We will learn how to influence our own habits. How to discipline ourselves rather than letting other forces in society control us. Right now we all already have discipline but the problem is the discipline is being imposed by the marketing departments of Coca-Cola to get us to drink soft drinks. The marketing departments of McDonald\’s are getting us to eat junk food. The marketing departments of Netflix getting us to watch more and more entertainment instead of getting enough sleep and working on our own dreams. It’s time to get back that power and give it to you. You can have self-discipline.

Quick Win! Discipline Yourself The Way Big Corporations Manipulate Behavior

“Let’s dive in with a quick win”. We want more self-discipline.

Discipline is a way of controlling something influencing behavior.

Let’s look at the people who are the most successful in the world at influencing behavior.

No, I’m not talking about the personal development gurus up on the stage. I’m talking about the people like the marketers at coca-cola and McDonalds, Netflix, etc. They put images in front of us all day long. That nice Coca-Cola image of the bottle right there. Those golden arches of McDonald\’s that Netflix image with a cover of your favorite movie star saying watch this movie. “Images control us.” They manipulate our behavior. Well, you can use that to your benefit too. So let’s say you want to increase your discipline when it comes to reading a book every day. That’s a great discipline we’ll create an image of it 

Take your smartphone; now take a selfie picture of yourself reading a book and then look at that picture on your phone every day.

You can even print it out pit it to your refrigerator or on wall bombard yourself with images to help influence your behavior. And that’s one great effective tool at building self-discipline.

This Is What Self-Discipline Is and Why It Matters to You

So what is self-discipline? 

It’s the ability for you to control your life and to focus and the direction you want. It’s the ability to say no to temptations whether it’s too much food, TV, sitting on a couch it is the ability to say no to the things that keep you down, and the ability to say yes to the things you want to do, you need to do hard work, study, eating healthy, exercising. That’s how we are going to define self-discipline the ability for you to control yourself, your impulses, your body, your actions, your thoughts to do things you want to do because you believe them to be the best in your self-interest

The Ugly Truth Most Experts Won\’t Tell You

Here is the ugly truth about self-discipline. It’s just not enough, it’s not consistent enough to really help us through every phase of our life. Now you may have great self-discipline at 8:00 in the morning but what about 10:00 at night. You might have self-discipline if you are already full and well-rested and what if you are hungry and you didn’t get a good sleep last night.

That’s the problem with self-discipline, you already know how to control yourself, some of the time if you have just eaten six chocolate chip cookies it might be easy to say oh no no thanks to the seventh chocolate chip cookie or a brownie because you are already full. But what do you do when there is something urging you on something leading you down a path where you don’t want to go. This whole course is about eliminating these variables of oh it’s too late I’m too hungry I’m too tired I’m too this I’m too that it is about giving you the tools so that you can, in fact, control your life control what you do with your body your mind your thoughts. Ultimately that is the real goal here.

 This Is Your Number 1 Self-Discipline Goal

Before we get too deep into this I need you to do me a favor, I need you, not asking for a lot not asking for your whole life story but just give me a sentence or two. Introduce yourself in a piece of paper or you can contact me on my Instagram and just let me know a little about you. Who are you what is the number one area where you are trying to gain more self-discipline let me know?

I’m also interested in knowing where you think you are already in good shape but this course is interactive I’m a real person I’m not some big famous expert that some outside company sat me down and interviewed for 45 minutes and threw it up is of course here No I’m here I’m real so what I really want is for this course to be just as meaningful as if we were spending a whole semester together in person.

Level of engagement

That level of engagement I know it’s hard sometimes because if you are like me sometimes you do an online and someone’s jibber-jabbering away and you sort of watch you think you are learning but you are doing Facebook and Instagram and emails and everything else, I need you to stop for a moment and let’s get out of that mode so let’s be real with each other so I want you to introduce yourself to me just till you are.

What your name is you know to share the last name. And if you are spending your time in this course you deserve to get something tangible out of it. And it probably shouldn’t be just more tips, you can get tips for free on any web page or blog. What results are you looking for that’s what I need to know so please share that with me right now before advancing to the next.

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