Self help: You can only heal yourself

Today in this blog we are going to teach you dozens and dozens of skills to give you freedom from your pain so you can have the life the joy the experience that you want to have and that you so richly deserve.
We have got dozens and dozens of very powerful very targeted tools here for you. There is only one way, self help. In other words, You can only heal yourself.


I could not begin to describe them in a single post. So here we are with our very first strategy for self help.

Strategy 1: Self help

You were born beautiful innocent and perfect there is nothing wrong with you have you ever seen a defective baby an evil baby. you know even little baby Hitler was happy and fine when he was born so babies are born with any defects, so you can have physical defects and things like that but you know what I am saying you are born beautiful innocent and perfect. Then what happens is it only gets covered up, for example, you can cover up a diamond with a pile of crap but it is still a diamond it is still perfect that\’s untouched pull it out rinse it off it is as beautiful as ever.

You are the same way. Your greatness is only covered and you know it says here shit happens. There is a lot of crap that happens in the life that covers you up. It becomes this use file and pretty soon you can\’t see your beauty, you can\’t see your innocence, you can\’t see your perfection it\’s been so covered up it is literally buried and you are having trouble getting access to it.
So I want you to understand that there is nothing actually wrong with you.


So what is our goal we are going to take all this crap that you have been covered up with.
We are going to remove it destroy it eliminate it whatever we need to do get rid of it.
But I want to tell you, you are not broken you are not damaged you are not defective you are not a bad person getting better or good you were already perfect. It simply needs to be uncovered. Everything that is weighing you down is simply crap. It has no value you and we are going to rapidly eliminate it.
So I hope this inspires you a little bit. I hope this shows very positive things about you.


This is literally the process of enlightenment here the word enlightenment  meant the root word is lightened in enlightenment
You don\’t just have this massive spiritual experience what you do is you get rid of the crap in your life.
and once you have this huge weight off of all this crap you are lighter you are in like the process of being lightened by what you get rid of.
enlightenment is not you were this bad person or just a defective or lonely person and then through this process of enlightenment, you became great.
No enlightenment is exactly what you are seeing here you get rid of the crap and the perfection the enlightened individual is already there.
So I want you to know that there is already an enlightened spiritual individual underneath that is absolute perfection.

You were born beautiful

You are not broken you are not damaged.
There is nothing to fix except to eliminate all this crap that is happened in your life that\’s happened in everybody\’s life.
I want you to understand that you are not alone.
Everyone gets the problems it\’s just a matter of how big it is.
so just remember that and write this down or just save this image and those beautiful graphics with us. \”YOU WERE BORN BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT & PERFECT\”

Remember this because it is so hard for people to remember this when they look at their life and they say Akshit you don\’t understand look at all the crap I have gone through, people think they are crap because when they look at that pile of the problem and the diamonds buried underneath do they see a pile of crap and look at this pile of crap that\’s me nothing could be farther from the truth.
Crap is crap and has zero value.
May be sprinkled on your guard as something beautiful will grow but basically, it has zero value in that beautiful innocent perfect person is still underneath.

What does this crap consist of?

Old programming

You have been covered up with old programming which are systems that were literally imprinted on your mind.
This is negative thoughts believes values, old programming that simply needs to be eliminated.

Old pain

Things that have happened to old believes and values that are not helping you. However,They are hurting you a lot of misconceptions about how life works and who you are in the nature of things. I am going to help you clear that up just a lot of pain and trauma.
Old childhood experiences that have happened to you and that is the next thing

Really bad childhoods

I would love to think that everybody had a wonderful childhood but I know for about 75% of people somebody would say it is closer to 80 or 90 they had really bad childhoods and even if had a nearly perfect childhood there was still certain thanks that are weighing you down because perfection does not exist in life. Even if you had the best parents on earth. Certain things probably happen that are weighing you down. There is a lot of negative people out there that because they are covered with crap will sometimes spray some of that crap on you.

Self help- Conclusion

There are a lot of negative people out there that damage our lives. A lot of us have had a bad experience outside of our childhood. Firstly, Childhood is not the beginning and end of it. Secondly,Childhood is not the beginning and end of it. In addition,Life does not end at 18. It really just begins. So you can have challenges there. There is a lot of lies that we were told that people sincerely believe and we believe in now. They have been taken to be true but they are absolutely wrong their lies their myths their misconceptions and finally learned helplessness. We have been beaten down so much we don\’t even try anymore. 

You can only do what you want to achieve. You are the reason behind everything. Above all, only you can change it.That is what is called as self help. Heal yourself.

Happy reading!