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In this blog we will learn more secrets of life given by sound of silence. you can read its part 1 by- SECRET OF LIFE: BY SOUND OF SILENCE


The Joy of Surrender

“Surrender is abstruse.” It is a dictum of the wise that respiration depends on the Guru’s command/ direction. Such a feeling of surrender can rarely be attained. Expression of surrender though is a different matter. Most stances that one observes are mere expressions.

If surrender takes the form of “I perceive no distinction between you and me” (or, I am completely one with you), then its joy, its form would be altogether different.

Do not Go with the Flow

People think in diverse ways. Hence, one should not be hurt or elated by another’s thought. Rather, he should make good use of his faculty of neutrality. In such a situation, his conduct should be in accord with what his soul witnesses, with the resolve arising therein. He should not be swept off by another’s tide.

Awaken the resolve to do what you must, rather than riding imaginary horses.

All the Four Tirthas should be Alert as to Their duty

The four-fold Sangh (organization) comprises ‘sadhu-sadhvi’ (or men and women who have joined the ascetic order), and ‘shravak-shravika’ (or, lay persons, male and female, who observe some vows). For the solidarity of the four-fold Sangh, it is essential that all the above-mentioned four groups are in sound health. This health is not just concerns physical body, but, in a doctrinaire perspective related to competence in  work, with due observance of restraints.

Sadhu-sadhvis are steadfast in the performance of duty, keeping within the parameters of their discipline; however, if ‘shrava-shravikas’ are unenthusiastic about the aforesaid discipline, the Sangh cannot march ahead with dignity. The importance and prestige of the Sangh can be maintained when all the four constituents perform their duty, sincerely and with alacrity.

 Five Maxims of a Live Organization

Just as the roof of a house needs pillars to support it, an organization too must have pillars in the shape five maxims. These five maxims are:

  • 1. Discipline
  • 2. Conduct that bespeaks sensitivity
  • 3. Qualitative Coordination
  • 4. Creative thinking
  • 5. Non-reaction

Observance of these five principles causes some kind of power to circulate in the organization. It is then empowered to accomplish work that could be termed revolutionary.

Purpose of Unparalleled Strength

A lot of energy/power of a man drains by means of unnecessary use of words. In the conservation of that strength, silence is hugely simple and infallible. It is an important part of self-achievement. Earmarking a time for silence, if that period is used for meditation, the power of the spiritual aspirant can become matchless. Tirthankar Bhagwan resorts to the same silence whereby they awaken endless powers. Besides, the policy-makers too have this to say in the context of silence: – Silence makes everything possible of attainment.

The Trick of Giving a Great Gift to the World

If a man were to wear out in conduct as much as he engages in thinking, he could give a great gift to the world, but the dilemma is that the man gallops on his high horse of imagination, but barely acts on a fourth of all that he imagines. Hence he oscillates on the swing of sorrow and dilemma, since his wishes do not get fulfilled. Hence, it is only appropriate that a single subject is taken up at a time and put into implementation. Only after it has been translated into action may the next thing be thought of. If a man proceeds in this fashion, he will not be victim of exasperation, despondence or dissatisfaction. Rather, his capacity for work will be awakened, and he will amaze the world with his creativity by accomplishing newer tasks.

Desire and Eligibility by Sound of Silence

Generally, people desire that praise be conferred on them, but when the praise that heard/perceived does not conform to their desire, feelings of despondence, frustration or jealousy arise in the mind. If this situation lasts long, these thoughts become a knot in the body. Hence, how nice it would be if, instead of coveting praise, the person acquires the eligibility to deserve praise.

Know the Disposition and Get Rid of Tension

When you know every person’s nature, have a sound footing in principles, and engage in appropriate conduct, tension, struggle, discord etc. can be avoided.

What body to be protected?

This body made of flesh and bones is no longer my body; rather the four-fold Sangh comprising sadhu sadhvis (men and women who have joined the holy order) and shravak-shravikas (lay persons, male and female, who observe certain vows and live a disciplined life) is my body. My concern will be the protection of that four-fold Sangh, rather than of this body of flesh and bones. How may one bring about growth in this body termed the four-fold Sangh, in point of the right faith, the right knowledge and the right conduct? Relentless alertness is expected here. Health of the body called the four-fold Sangh is supremely essential. This health is possible of attainment by an attitude of focused attentiveness and unyielding renunciation.

 Support that is Support-less

If the ego of a person finds a prop, finds sustenance, he keeps happy. He begins to support the one who supports his ego. It would be difficult to say though whether his view is entirely non-partisan. It has been often observed that, at such times, the person has worn different ‘eyeglasses’, or that his perspective has altered. The utterance made from that changed perspective would also be a different sort. When the ego of such a person gets a knock, he is unable to bear it, even though that knock may mark a truth. It produces in his mind a state of agitation and tension. Hence, at such times, if he confronts reality and reflects, he would understand that the provider of support is himself helpless. As such, this kind of support would render me too helpless.

I hope this blog was helpful to know more about how to live life. the secret of life by sound of silence.

Happy reading!

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