Teacher’s Day: A day to honour teachers

In India, teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th of September. It is celebrated in the memory of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. He is India’s second president or first vice president. According to UNESCO, teacher’s day is celebrated worldwide on 5th  of October. Every country has there own day fixed for celebrating it.


Dr. S. Radhakrishnan always wanted to dedicate his day to teachers. To every person who made him achieve success. During his tenure, he always said to give his day for the honour of teachers. The reason is for him teachers were considered as god who teaches all the life lessons.

In India, teacher’s day is also observed on Guru Purnima. In Hindu calendar, it falls on the full moon day in the month of Ashadha. It usually comes in the month of June-July.

Teacher’s day celebration-

There are various kinds of celebrations held in schools and colleges. Students organise this event to thank their teachers for giving them great learning’s. They bring cake, gifts, and bouquets and prepare dance performances to show them gratitude. The celebration is usually started by lightning of lamp and worshiping goddess Saraswati. She is considered as the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. They also prepare some fun activities and games to engage teachers and bring happiness to them. It is a big day for both students and teachers. Moreover, this day is to collect lots of memories. In other words, this day is to thank people who help them to become a better individual.

Importance of teachers in our life

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping one’s life. They are an integral part to make one individual successful in life. They help us to learn various lessons. The lessons which are not only written in books but which will help us in life. Firstly, they change our life totally. Secondly, they help us nurture ourselves. Thirdly, they give us knowledge to improve our skills. Moreover, they make us stand strong in the society. They give us confidence to fight this competitive world. Apart from parents, teachers are the ones which help in the development of a child. They enlighten our lives to sparkle in the world.  

Self-written Poetry on teacher’s day-

जन्म लिया तब से हम कुछ सिख रहे है,

पाठ हमे न जाने कितने लोग पढ़ा रहे है।

पहला अक्षर बोलना माँ-बाप ने सिखाया,

तो शायद लिखना एक शिक्षक ने पढ़ाया,

बड़ो की इज़्ज़त करना दादा-दादी ने समझाया,

अन्न का अनादर न करना नाना-नानी ने बतलाया,

सब लोग में घुल-मिल जाना दोस्तों से हमे आया,

गिरने ठोकर खाने ने जिंदगी का सच सामने लाया,

स्कूल, कॉलेज के पाठ्यक्रम की अपनी हिस्सेदारी है,

आजकल तो गूगल देवता सबसे बड़े ज्ञानी है।

ये प्रकृति हमे जीवन जीना सीखा रही है,

परिवार की महत्ता हमे बतला रही है।

ऑनलाइन का दौर टेक्नोलॉजी समझ रहा है,

आने वाले युग का ट्रेलर दिखा रहा है।

बदलती ज़िंदगानी में आओ सबका आभार करे,

प्रभु से लेकर हर इक गुरु का मिलकर हम नमन करे।

-श्रुति मंगल✍️

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