The Most Effective Form of Discipline

The Most Effective Form of Discipline and Control Is…


Okay let’s cut the chase, how can you really control yourself. What is the most effective form of discipline or controlling a human? Because that’s what I want that is what you want, you want to be able to control yourself. I want to be able to control myself, quite often people look at this. They think well let me learn from a motivational guru or let me read this great book, let me meditate, all of these things could be helpful.

But I want you to take a step back for a moment. And look at this from a slightly broader perspective. I want to look at this more broadly than what you are typically used to form personal development experts and self-help genre when you look at people and organization around who exert the most influence on human behavior. It’s not individual authors experts personal development gurus. It’s not we can workshop. The number one way of influencing behavior isn’t through hypnosis and self-help it’ not that stuff. The number one form of influence when it comes to behavior and habits, advertising.

Companies Bombarding You!

That’s right corporations using money for advertising and marketing. From the day you are born until the day you die you are bombarded all day long with images, logos, TV, commercials radio ads. For Coca Cola, for example, Coca-Cola executives want to change your behavior and discipline you into drinking coke. They don’t send you a book to read. They don’t ask you to go to a three-day workshop and walk over coal, no. In addition, they bombard you with advertisements images logos iconic bottles surrounding you all day long for the rest of your life.

When Netflix wants to discipline your behavior. So that you give them one-two sometimes three hours a day of the time of your attention your eyeballs. They don’t send you affirmations to say I will watch Netflix. No they don’t ask you to deliver affirmations and affirmation might be fine but that’s not what they do. They are bombarding you with marketing messages texts mails notifications on your phone. Hey, you like this movie you like this one, hey your favorite movie is now available. They are bombarding you with marketing messages on a daily basis.

They are not calling a family member. And asking them that family member to call you and give you a personal input that’s not what they are doing. They are bombarding with marketing messages. And yes saying you that your friend just liked your post or commented on your post is a type of marketing message for Facebook. Because it makes you want to stop everything reaches into your pocket. Pull up the phone go to the Facebook app and check and see what your friend said about your brilliant post.

Advertising And Discipline

So advertising is a huge-huge industry. I am not against all these but I am in favor of though is looking around at all the major influences in our society. That people use to change human behavior and affect habits. I just want to say that there are so many forces all around. What I am saying is nothing compares to the efficacy the power the result from the advertising. So now the solution for the greater self-discipline is we just have to figure out how to advertise to ourselves. To do the things we want to do rather than what other people want us to do.

You Can Use the Power of Corporate Advertising to Impose Self-Discipline

So In the last lecture the greatest influencer of a human being or the greatest force for disciplining you me and everyone else is advertising, now take your hand into your pocket pull out your smartphones because there is more power in this than any TV network or radio network or newspaper chain, if you use it properly with your cell phone you can create your own radio ads your own podcast your own marketing messages just by hitting play and recording or hitting the memo record recording your own voice and playing it’s pretty that simple you can create video ads or TV ads by doing a short video of yourself telling yourself what you want to do and then watching it.

Take selfies while you are working that you think are going to be healthier for you to give you more discipline in your life. Now you have the skills you have the technology you have all the resources you need to create a powerful advertising network and bombard yourself with images and messages and reminders to do the things you want to do in your life. This is the most powerful source of energy-giving good self-discipline for you.

I hope this helped you to know the most effective form of discipline.

Happy reading!