Visual studio code download for free

In this blog we are going to talk a little bit about the visual studio code download and that is also absolutely free and will discuss the benefits.


So throughout the journey of coding. We need a code editor and we also work on different types of code editor. To write and run our code. The best code editor I and many developers use is Visual Studio code from Microsoft. And the best part of this editor is it is free to use. 

Now to use this code editor we need to download the visual code editor which you can download for free from its official website which is Visual Studio from here we can download the proper version of this code editor.

So once we do it we might want to have a functionality that we can open this code edit on from the terminal. So what I mean by that is if I write down “code .” and press enter on the terminal you will see the visual studio code will get opened. All right.

If you were a Windows user. You don\’t need to install anything. The commands should be provided by default. If I\’m wrong please let me know I\’ll correct this article. But from what I heard this is how it works on Windows. So the next step is to have a look at some of the extensions available on the left side. So I will leave the extensions to you because it\’s kind of cool to play around with them and pick the ones that suit you best.

But I definitely recommend Django by Robert Solis. If you work on Django. Also, Django snippets and the one that will be very important is some kind of a react snippet extension. Because this will help you save a lot of time. For example if you are going to create a component let\’s say a class component.

Normally it would take a lot of typing but if we write down Sisi we will have the entire structure of this component ready the same as for stateless functional components. But it\’s good to have at least this extension installed in the code editor. If you work on Django you can also read about Django here.