Wall calendar method: Try it and know it!

The wall calendar method this one maybe it\’s not for everybody but and it\’s also not for every problem but I can warmly recommend you.


I personally use it literally every day.

In addition, the idea is simple and compelling.

Firtly, you buy a wall calendar paper. It must be the old school paper calendar with a big black pen or a highlighter green red whatever highlighter.

For example I have a Simpsons calendar hanging on the wall of my office.

And then you say I want to do this thing every day.

For example the story from Jerry Seinfeld he had the word calendar and he said I want to write one joke every day.

And then he checked it off and you know he got into that habit of writing jokes every day because we all know that problem that we are motivated at the beginning to exercise our language and learn programming whatever.

And then after a couple of days we say no I\’m too tired or not now tomorrow and so on do something you can do every day.

It must be small which you can really do every day and then check it off.

And this is really rewarding.

And so after a couple of weeks and months or after a couple of days maybe you really see the program and you look forward to crossing it out.

I really like it.

More than one goal

And I personally do another method because I have more than one goal.

I also want to do sports. I want to exercise every week and I want to have active breaks where I do something I like like playing Xbox or going to the movies.

So I have basically three things I want to check.

Then I thought to myself I want to exercise three times per week but maybe not two hours just 30 minutes or so at my home doing some kettlebell work or something like that.

So this three times per week.

Then three times a week I work on the course also.

That doesn\’t mean two hours.

It can also be only 30 minutes but at least they do something.

And one time active rests.


And of course you can change.

Maybe I will change it two times a week.

I don\’t know.

But you get to a point.

Different colors to have attractive wall calendar

I bought highlighters for the three colors I have blue for brainwork.

I have the red one for sports and the green one for léger.

And I do it for eight or nine months.

So, now I do it really every day.

And if I forget it I can easily remember the next day what I did.

And so it really helps you stay on your track.

It really helps you because otherwise you do nothing and waste your day and sit around and watch TV.

But if you really have something to draw on that calendar you really want to do it.

And if you say in that week because one week is one line you say I want to exercise two times a week

you will do everything to these two red crosses into that line.

And even if you do it completely differently you just say I have one callout blech and I want to work

on my project three times per month or five times per month.

That\’s also good because even if you leave all the other cells blank you can track visually track and

feel and touch the calendar.

Which is another experience than having some.

And you would look into the app the first week every two hours or something and then you completely

forget it because you do something else.

I guess an EP is not good enough.

You can use that what calendar method for everything and say for example I want to do this project 10

times per month.

In conclusion, you can easily see how often you did it.

I can really recommend it.

This is the reason why I did this course.

This is the reason why I do sports at least two times per week.

Therefore, Please try it out.

I have an Amazon link at that lecture.

No, that was a joke.

So, go to your local shop, buy a nice calendar and tell me and the other readers how that worked out for you.

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