What are the rules of your life? Here are some Tips

You must always have some rules for your life. An agenda you follow to be a better self. Let\’s see some of them-


Rules of your life No. 1

Never involve your self in drinking, smoking or taking drugs. Your health must be your first priority. We have to be in this body until we die so why not keep its best version.

Rules of your life No. 2

Never call someone more than two times. If they still not pick your call it means they are busy in something prior than you.
There is no age for learning. Learn daily. Spend 4-5 hrs of your day in learning a new skill. Never blame someone else for your failures, only you are responsible for what has happened. Always remember, you always have some way in every situation. Opting to hangout with friends instead of studying a day before exam is your way of spoiling your results. It is how you decide your life to be eventually.

Rules of your life No. 3

Posting your everyday things such as the food on social media doesn\’t make you popular. On the other hand, it disappoint someone who is compromising with some basic vegetables at home. Never interrupt someone while they are telling you something. The way we have two ears and one mouth. Use them in the same way. Listen more and speak less to people.

Rules of your life No. 4

Career must always be of great concern. It will only decide how lavishing you can live in your future.

Rules of your life No. 5

Never underestimate yourself. Don\’t listen to anyone who say you are not capable of doing it. Instead prove them that you are best in it. If you are willing, you will definitely get it.

Rules of your life No. 6

You must be financially independent. Even after your graduation, you must not even depend on your parents.
Develop a habit of reading daily. Every problem have a solution. You will find them in books. Everything you are facing right now, someone have faced it earlier. Read their experience and learn how to deal with it. Reading will even improve your vocabulary. It will enhance your confidence to speak fluently.

Rules of your life No. 7

Kindness is what the society needs. Just be amiable to everyone. No matter how successful you become, someone still can replace you. Your ego can evaded in seconds.

Rules of your life No. 8

Exercise daily. Workout 5 hours a week to remain fit.

Rules of your life No. 9

Always dress well. Your personality attracts people.

Rules of your life No. 10

Love is the key to every pain in this world. Be so loving to your dear ones that they feel surprised. While having a conversation with someone, give them your full attention. Do every little effort. These little efforts will make you more likable to them. The important thing is a person always demand two things, one- Respect and the second- Importance. People always want to see their priority in your life.Be open to know the facts which you didn\’t even agree. Always listen and respect other one\’s opinion. There are different to live life. So, just support in the way they choose to have.

Rules of your life No. 11

Never support criticism. If someone thinking doesn\’t match with your, don\’t make them feel unwanted. Always respect the opinion. Everyone is unique in their own way. Someone with no mind will only condemn, it takes great courage to accept something which doesn\’t favor your opinion.

Rules of your life No. 12

Never give advice to someone who doesn\’t need it. You words gets a value only when it\’s the right time. They are useless if people doesn\’t need them.

Rules of your life No. 13

Read newspaper daily. Make yourself updated with the current affairs. Read the new up gradation in your field.

Rules of your life No. 14

Even if someone hurts you with their words, never be harsh to them. Never abuse them. Just walk away silently. Now, pen down those words which people spoke to you due to your lacking. Work on them and prove them by achieving that goal. That is correct slap which you can give to them without being rude. Sit with them with great pride. Your success will show them everything. 

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Happy reading!