Writing content for blogs: Blogging tips (Part-4)

As already indicated, the content of our blog will determine its success, but what kind of posts will make our blogs stand out? Once again, we shall repeat one of the most important truths of digital marketing in general: Content is king. Let\’s start with writing content for blogs.


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Before we begin to write even a single paragraph, we have to ask ourselves: What will this text offer to readers? How will it be useful? What information can it give that you can not find elsewhere? When someone reads our blog, what reasons would he or she have to post on Facebook, save it, or send it to their colleagues?

If we want our blog to have a reason to exist, it should have only one goal: to offer material of real value to those who read it. First, let\’s not forget that our company employs professionals, who are well aware of what people in their field of expertise want to know about. 

For example, if our company sells equipment for electricians, the electricians in the research and development department will know a lot about the subjects that other electricians are interested in. Therefore, in order to find out about the needs of our customers and understand the areas about which they want to learn, we only need to have a discussion with our colleagues.

This way, we can acquire an enormous wealth of knowledge and information. The knowledge we can then gradually begin to record and post on our blog. How to write a successful blog post? 

To write a successful blog post is neither difficult nor complicated, we just need to follow some simple rules. The first basic principle of writing content is that we should characterize what our blog actually is. Think like a publisher. We need to treat our blogs like a magazine, a newspaper, or a newsletter/news site. We\’re not writing for us, but for our readers. No one tends to buy a newspaper or magazine to be informed about the publishing house that published it. The only reason we flip through a copy of a magazine or newspaper is to read something that really interests us. 

This is something that all editors know and primarily base their material on. What subjects interest our readers? What title or photo will grab their attention? Which articles will increase the circulation and readership of our magazine? These are the questions that every journalist, editor, or publisher must answer. And they\’re exactly the questions we need to answer when we write the content of our blog. Let\’s look at them one at a time. One of the most important parts of a blog post is the title. To begin with, the title should be attention-grabbing, motivating the reader to click and read more. At the same time, it must not be misleading.

There\’s a fine line that distinguishes the serious and reliable newspapers from the tabloids. Our title, while it must attract attention, should not give the impression that our goal is simply to clickbait. The title of our articles must draw attention, be clear and specific, and convince the readers that they will read something interesting and useful, not to look like a clickbait. In other words, not be perceived as if it was written with the sole aim to collect as many clicks as possible, regardless of its content, and be search-engine-friendly. Moreover, on this subject below. As ingenious as a title maybe, if the content of our post is not well written and easy to understand, it will not help our business.

It\’s not enough for our blog posts to be just useful, equally important it\’s to be well written. Well written articles are essential for the following reasons. We help our readers get the information they need. Not just quickly, but pleasantly and effortlessly as well. We do not tire readers and therefore there\’s no risk of them stopping reading our content halfway through. It reflects how professional our company is. As it shows that our emphasis on quality stands out, even from the text that we publish.