Yoga: Key to maintain a healthy lifestyle

In this fast life, it is difficult to maintain our health. Let me tell you an interesting theory that will maintain your body and helps you remain fit. The answer is practicing “yoga” daily. Yes, doing 10 minutes of yoga everyday is a lot beneficial in your busy schedule.


You know why????

Let me start by telling you some facts about yoga!

Yoga is uniting your body to your soul.

It is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Yoga is been practiced since 5000 years back. The yoga sutra of Patanjali dated back from 2nd century. It got prominence is 20th century when Swami Vivekananda introduced it to us.

In Sanskrit, yoga comes from the word ‘yuj’ which means to attach which hereby means as to join your body to the divine soul.

Yoga is not only performing exercise but also relaxation of stress.

Yoga makes you feel healthy, happy and joyful and that is the reason I am hooking you up to it.

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Tips To Follow-

 Now let me tell you the tips that will attract you towards doing it.

Starting by a saying, “It’s not about being good at something; it’s about being good to yourself.”

  1. See and analyze yourself:- Initiation can be difficult. This is the reason why visualising can be the first step to start your workout. Your mindset is what all it say, that can prepare your body for a new activity to inculcate in your daily routine. Start by meditating that will focus your mind towards the new task.
  2. Breathe in; Breathe out :- Breathing plays a crucial role to help you built up. It is a simple process of closing your nostril of one side and breathing in from the other part and vice-versa. Practising this 10 minutes a day will strengthen your concentration and will also challenge your breathing muscles.
  3. Walk, walk, walk!:- Start from walking 500-1000 steps a day according to your capacity every day. Increase your steps daily and encourage yourself to do more but remember never overdo it. This will increase your physical strength.
  4. Start working! :- The only way to workout is start by today. Do not delay it by giving excuses to yourself. You yourself know they are all lies. Start by doing a little exercise and push yourself for more once you feel them easy.

Following these steps may be helpful to you but you can combine your zest with them. Always remember, \”today is your day, to start fresh, to eat right, to train hard, to live healthy and to be proud.”

So, start by today!

Moving ahead let us know different benefits of yoga this might encourage you to actually exercising once you finish reading.

Advantages of yoga

  •  Improves mental health- This is a relaxing and soothing activity. This will help you lower your stress and anxiety, it is clinically proven.
  • Help you sleep well- sleeping a quantity and quality sleep is very much fascinating nowadays. Many of you may be facing a problem of insomnia. This will help you do it by a challenging workout.
  • Increment of energy- yoga plays a vital role in boosting your energy. Doing intense exercises can be hard to you but it tends to be a gentle way to pump your blood. this oxygenate you from top to bottom and makes you feel fresh.
  • Improves flexibility- you feel your body stiff and rigid. Here is a way to make it streaming. Stretching will help you in it. It will also lower you joint pain and can be very helpful for people suffering from arthritis.
  • Improves diet- This will help you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It will help you nourish your body. Improves immunity- Inflammation of the body can be reduced through it by improving the circulation which in result improves the immune system. This will take you away from illness, a sign of good health.
  • Encourages you- last but not the least, it will definitely boosts your confidence up. Better results and glowing skin will make you feel more confident.

I hope my blog must be beneficial to you. Ending it by saying, “Be the energy you want to attract.”

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Happy reading!